The proceedings of the 24th winter school “Geometry and physics”, Srní, Czech Republic, January 17–24, 2004. (English) Zbl 1074.53001

Supplemento ai Rendiconti del Circolo Matemàtico di Palermo. Serie II 75. Palermo: Circolo Matemàtico di Palermo. 356 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding winter school (23, 2003) has been reviewed (see Zbl 1034.53002).
Indexed articles:
Branson, Thomas, \(Q\)-curvature and spectral invariants, 11-55 [Zbl 1101.53016]
Boyer, Charles P.; Galicki, Krzysztof, Sasakian geometry, hypersurface singularities, and Einstein metrics, 57-87 [Zbl 1101.53023]
Eastwood, Michael, Prolongations of linear overdetermined systems on affine and Riemannian manifolds, 89-108 [Zbl 1238.58012]
Gover, A. Rod, Conformal de Rham Hodge theory and operators generalising the \(Q\)-curvature, 109-137 [Zbl 1104.53033]
Rumin, Michel, An introduction to spectral and differential geometry in Carnot-Carathéorody spaces, 139-196 [Zbl 1105.58012]
Schwachhöfer, Lorenz J., Special connections on symplectic manifolds, 197-223 [Zbl 1102.53054]
Chouikha, A. Raouf, Remark on a conjecture of conformal transformations of Riemannian manifolds, 225-231 [Zbl 1114.53032]
Čap, Andreas, Automorphism groups of parabolic geometries, 233-239 [Zbl 1102.53013]
Seoung Dal Jung, Lower bounds for the eigenvalues of the basic Dirac operator, 241-250 [Zbl 1104.53024]
Kolář, Martin, Local convexifiability of some rigid domains, 251-257 [Zbl 1108.32017]
Krupková, Olga; Swaczyna, Martin, Horizontal and contact forms on constraint manifolds, 259-267 [Zbl 1122.58003]
Krýsl, Svatopluk, On a distinguished class of infinite dimensional representations of \(\mathfrak{sp}(2n,\mathbb C)\), 269-277 [Zbl 1100.15014]
Leitner, Felipe, Conformal Killing forms with normalisation condition, 279-292 [Zbl 1101.53040]
Somberg, Petr, Hasse graphs and parabolic subalgebras of exceptional Lie algebra \(f_4\), 293-308 [Zbl 1102.22012]
Škodová, Marie; Mikes, Josef; Pokorná, Olga, On holomorphically projective mappings from equiaffine symmetric and recurrent spaces onto Kählerian spaces, 309-316 [Zbl 1109.53019]
Šmíd, Dalibor, The Poisson transform for higher order differential operators, 317-323 [Zbl 1105.43005]
Vanžura, Jiří, Restrictions of 3-forms in dimension 7 to subspaces of codimension 1, 325-332 [Zbl 1100.15015]
Znojil, Miloslav, Multiparametric oscillator Hamiltonians with exact bound states in infinite-dimensional space, 333-346 [Zbl 1101.81057]
Žádník, Vojtěch, Remarks on development of curves, 347-356 [Zbl 1113.53014]


53-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to differential geometry
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest


Zbl 1034.53002