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Surface waves in anisotropic and laminated bodies and defects detection. Proceedings of the NATO advanced research workshop, Moscow, Russia, February 7–9, 2002. (English) Zbl 1074.74002
NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry 163. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers (ISBN 1-4020-2385-5/hbk). xi, 321 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Alshits, V. I., On the role of anisotropy in crystalloacoustics, 3-68 [Zbl 1103.74041]
Kuznetsov, Sergej V., Surface waves of non-Rayleigh type, 69-78 [Zbl 1097.74033]
Parker, D. F., Nonlinearity in elastic surface waves acts nonlocally, 79-94 [Zbl 1102.74028]
Ting, T. C. T., Explicit secular equations for surface waves in an anisotropic elastic half-space from Rayleigh to today, 95-116 [Zbl 1183.74121]
Babich, V. M.; Kiselev, A. P., “Nongeometrical phenomena” in propagation of elastic surface waves, 119-129 [Zbl 1100.74032]
Deschamps, M.; Poncelet, O., Complex rays and internal diffraction at the cusp edge, 131-142 [Zbl 1170.74025]
Goldstein, R. V.; Marchenko, A. V., Edge waves in the fluid beneath and elastic sheet with linear nonhomogeneity, 143-157 [Zbl 1178.76092]
Ustinov, K. B., On continuum modelling of wave propagation in layered medium; bending waves, 159-171 [Zbl 1098.74029]
Zakharov, D. D., Edge localised bending waves in anisotropic media: energy and dispersion, 173-186 [Zbl 1097.74034]
Adler, P. M.; Entov, V. M., Surface electromagnetic perturbations induced by unsteady-state subsurface flow, 189-204 [Zbl 1178.76381]
Ayzenberg-Stepanenko, M. V., Resonant waves in a structured elastic halfspace, 205-215 [Zbl 1245.74024]
Kaptsov, A. V.; Kuznetsov, S. V., Numerical analysis of Rayleigh waves in anisotropic media, 217-226 [Zbl 1097.74032]
Kline, R. A., Guided waves in anisotropic media: applications, 227-240 [Zbl 1181.74065]
Lowe, M. J. S.; Cawley, P.; Pavlakovic, B. N., A general-purpose computer model for calculating elastic waveguide properties, with application to non-destructive testing, 241-256 [Zbl 1181.74067]
Rossikhin, Y. A.; Shitikova, M. V., The influence of the initial stresses on the dynamic instability of an anisotropic cone, 257-270 [Zbl 1128.74019]
Simonov, I. V., Embedding theorem and mutual relation for the interface and shear wavespeeds, 271-276 [Zbl 1245.74027]
Broberg, K. B., The non-uniqueness of constant velocity crack propagation, 279-288 [Zbl 1176.74156]
Craster, R. V.; Shanin, A. V., Embedding formulae for planar cracks, 289-299 [Zbl 1097.74035]
Glushkov, E. V.; Glushkova, N. V.; Ekhlakov, A. V., Wave propagation and crack detection in layered structures, 301-315 [Zbl 1098.74032]
74-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mechanics of deformable solids
74J15 Surface waves in solid mechanics
74J25 Inverse problems for waves in solid mechanics
74E30 Composite and mixture properties
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest