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Functional analysis and its applications. Proceedings of the international conference, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Stefan Banach, Lviv National University, Lviv, Ukraine, May 28–31, 2002. (English) Zbl 1076.46001
North-Holland Mathematics Studies 197. Amsterdam: Elsevier (ISBN 0-444-51373-6/hbk). xvi, 326 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Prytula, Yaroslav, Stefan Banach and Lviv Mathematical School, 1-3 [Zbl 1084.01526]
Alvoni, Elisabetta; Papini, Pier Luigi, Existence of \(k\)-media and medians, 5-11 [Zbl 1099.46011]
Babenko, Vladislav F.; Borodachov, Sergiy V., On optimization of approximate integration of multivariate periodic functions, 13-22 [Zbl 1087.65531]
Banakh, Taras; Bogachev, Vladimir I.; Kolesnikov, Alexander V., Topological spaces with the strong Skorokhod property. II, 23-47 [Zbl 1089.60009]
Ben Amara, Jamel, Fourth order spectral problem with eigenvalue in the boundary conditions, 49-58 [Zbl 1118.47321]
Cabello Sánchez, Félix; Castillo, Jesús M. F.; Moreno, Yolanda; Yost, David T., Extending operators into \({\mathcal L}_\infty\) spaces under a twisted light, 59-70 [Zbl 1097.46011]
Cauty, Robert, A fixed-point theorem for acyclic multivalued functions, 71-80 [Zbl 1088.55001]
Favorov, Sergej; Parfyonova, Natalia, Almost periodic mappings to complex manifolds, 81-84 [Zbl 1087.32004]
Fedorchuk, Vasyl; Fedorchuk, Volodymyr, Some new differential equations of the first-order in the spaces \(M(1,3)\times R(u)\) and \(M(1,4)\times R(u)\) with given symmetry groups, 85-95 [Zbl 1091.35500]
Hryniv, Rostyslav; Mykytyuk, Yaroslav V., Inverse spectral problems for Sturm-Liouville operators with singular potentials. II: Reconstruction by two spectra, 97-114 [Zbl 1095.34008]
Il’kiv, Volodymyr, Incorrect nonlocal boundary value problem for partial differential equations, 115-121 [Zbl 1091.35111]
Karlovich, Alexei, Singular integral operators with flip and unbounded coefficients on rearrangement-invariant spaces, 123-131 [Zbl 1099.47009]
Kisil, Vladimir V., Spectrum as the support of functional calculus, 133-141 [Zbl 1098.47017]
Kombarov, Anatoli P.; Yakivchik, Andrew N., Generalized normality in topological products and related structures, 143-154 [Zbl 1093.54006]
Kudryk, Taras; Lyantse, Wladyslav; Neves, Vitor, Nonstandard universe based on internal set theory, 155-166 [Zbl 1091.03033]
Malyutin, Konstantin G.; Sadyk, Nazim, The Beurling theorem for entire functions of finite order, 167-169 [Zbl 1096.30002]
Matsak, Ivan; Plichko, Anatolij, Dvoretzky’s theorem by Gaussian method, 171-184 [Zbl 1101.46010]
Mamedov, Khanlar R.; Menken, Hamza, On the inverse problem of scattering theory for a differential operator of the second order, 185-194 [Zbl 1092.34518]
Minczewa-Kamińska, Swietłana, On the automorphisms and multipliers related to generalized integration operators, 195-203 [Zbl 1087.45504]
Ochakovskaya, Oksana A., On some classes of mappings preserving of measure, 205-208 [Zbl 1091.37001]
Orlov, Igor V., Extreme problems and scales of the operator spaces, 209-227 [Zbl 1089.58004]
Piejko, Krzysztof; Sokół, Janusz; Stankiewicz, Jan, On some problem of the convolution of bounded functions, 229-238 [Zbl 1087.30014]
Plichko, Anatolij, Superstrictly singular and superstrictly cosingular operators, 239-255 [Zbl 1124.46006]
Radyna, Aliaksandr, \(m\)-adic multivariate linear splines and their applications to approximation theory, 257-266 [Zbl 1097.41011]
Radyna, Yauhen, Change of variable in integrals over \(p\)-adic and adelic domains, 267-272 [Zbl 1222.30038]
Shkalikov, A. A., Invariant subspaces of dissipative operators in Krein space and Sobolev problem on a rotating top, 273-286 [Zbl 1097.47037]
Tikhonov, Alexey, Property of maximality for spectral components, 287-293 [Zbl 1099.47004]
Tiţa, Nicolae, A general view on approximation ideals, 295-300 [Zbl 1102.46027]
Volchakova, Natalia P., Inversion of the local Pompeiu transform, 301-309 [Zbl 1127.42026]
Zarichnyi, Mykhajlo M., Space of probability measures and absolute extensors in the asymptotic category, 311-316 [Zbl 1100.46017]
Żelazko, Wiesław, \(F\)-algebras: some results and open problems, 317-326 [Zbl 1096.46028]
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Banach, Stefan