Carlos Grandjot, three decades of mathematics in Chile: 1930-1960. (Spanish) Zbl 1079.01022

Karl Grandjot Reins was born in Frankenberg (Germany) in 1900. He received his Ph.D. from Göttingen University in 1922. He collaborated with Edmund Landau until 1929 when he was invited to Chile. Grandjot took an active part in the foundation of the Instituto de Ciencias de Chile (1930), became the first president of the Sociedad Matemática de Chile (1953), and was at the head of Instituto de Investigaciones Matemáticas (1957). His scientific activities were related to such fields as mathematical analysis, abstract algebra, theoretical physics, computational problems. In 1954 Grandjot was naturalized. He died in 1979.


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Grandjot, Carlos; Grandjot Reins, Karl
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