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Harmonic analysis and rational approximation. Their rôles in signals, control and dynamical systems. (English) Zbl 1083.42001
Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 327. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-30922-5/pbk). xxii, 311 p. (2006).

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Indexed articles:
Pindor, Maciej, Analytical and physics, 3-12 [Zbl 1141.81344]
Candelpherger, Bernard, From analytic functions to divergent power series, 15-37 [Zbl 1144.30300]
Partington, Jonathan R., Fourier transforms and complex analysis, 39-55 [Zbl 1202.42002]
Pindor, Maciej, Padé approximants, 59-69 [Zbl 1247.41010]
Levin, Eli; Saff, Edward B., Potential theoretic tools in polynomial and rational approximation, 71-94 [Zbl 1146.41001]
Partington, Jonathan R., Good bases, 95-102 [Zbl 1214.42065]
Collet, Pierre, Some aspects of the central limit theorem and related topics, 105-127 [Zbl 1152.60025]
Dujardin, Bénédicte, Distribution of the roots of certain random real polynomials, 129-143 [Zbl 1145.60030]
Pindor, Maciej, Rational approximation and noise, 145-156 [Zbl 1154.41304]
Deistler, Manfred, Stationary processes and linear systems, 159-179 [Zbl 1141.93407]
Cuoco, Elena, Parametric spectral estimation and data whitening, 181-191 [Zbl 1141.93409]
Olivi, Martine, The Laplace transform in control theory, 193-209 [Zbl 1141.93039]
Baratchart, Laurent, Identification and function theory, 211-230 [Zbl 1395.93167]
Biasco, Luca; Celletti, Alessandra, Pertubative series expansions: theoretical aspects and numerical investigations, 233-261 [Zbl 1146.37038]
Baladi, Viviane, Resonances in hyperbolic and Hamiltonian systems, 263-274 [Zbl 1146.37019]
Borgnat, Pierre, Signal processing methods related to models of turbulence, 277-301 [Zbl 1146.76028]
Bondu, François; Vinet, Jean-Yves, Control of interferometric gravitational wave detectors, 303-311 [Zbl 1141.93386]

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