Fluid-structure interaction. Modelling, simulation, optimisation. Proceedings of the workshop, Hohenwart, Germany, October 2005. (English) Zbl 1097.76002

Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 53. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-34595-7/pbk). viii, 387 p. (2006).

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Indexed articles:
Vierendeels, Jan, Implicit coupling of partitioned fluid-structure interaction solvers using reduced-order models, 1-18 [Zbl 1323.74112]
Heil, Matthias; Hazel, Andrew L., oomph-lib – an object-oriented multi-physics finite-element library, 19-49 [Zbl 1323.74085]
Tezduyar, Tayfun E.; Sathe, Sunil; Stein, Keith; Aureli, Luca, Modeling of fluid-structure interactions with the space-time techniques, 50-81 [Zbl 1323.74096]
Löhner, Rainald; Cebral, Juan R.; Yang, Chi; Baum, Joseph D.; Mestreau, Eric L.; Soto, Orlando, Extending the range and applicability of the loose coupling approach for FSI simulations, 82-100 [Zbl 1323.74091]
Moatamedi, Moji; Khan, M. Uzair; Zeguer, Tayeb; Souli, Mhamed, A new fluid structure coupling method for airbag OOP, 101-109 [Zbl 1323.74109]
Dunne, Thomas; Rannacher, Rolf, Adaptive finite element approximation of fluid-structure interaction based on an Eulerian variational formulation, 110-145 [Zbl 1323.74082]
Hron, Jaroslav; Turek, Stefan, A monolithic FEM/multigrid solver for an ALE formulation of fluid-structure interaction with applications in biomechanics, 146-170 [Zbl 1323.74086]
Schäfer, Michael; Heck, Marcus; Yigit, Saim, An implicit partitioned method for the numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction, 171-194 [Zbl 1323.74093]
Wall, Wolfgang A.; Gerstenberger, Axel; Gamnitzer, Peter; Förster, Christiane; Ramm, Ekkehard, Large deformation fluid-structure interaction – advances in ALE methods and new fixed grid approaches, 195-232 [Zbl 1323.74097]
Brenk, Markus; Bungartz, Hans-Joachim; Mehl, Miriam; Neckel, Tobias, Fluid-structure interaction on Cartesian grids: flow simulation and coupling environment, 233-269 [Zbl 1323.76047]
Geller, Sebastian; Tölke, Jonas; Krafczyk, Manfred, Lattice-Boltzmann method on quadtree-type grids for fluid-structure interaction, 270-293 [Zbl 1323.76079]
Scholz, Dominik; Kollmannsberger, Stefan; Düster, Alexander; Rank, Ernst, Thin solids for fluid-structure interaction, 294-335 [Zbl 1323.74094]
Bletzinger, Kai-Uwe; Wüchner, Roland; Kupzok, Alexander, Algorithmic treatment of shells and free form-membranes in FSI, 336-355 [Zbl 1323.74078]
Turek, Stefan; Hron, Jaroslav, Proposal for numerical benchmarking of fluid-structure interaction between an elastic object and laminar incompressible flow, 371-385 [Zbl 1323.76049]


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