Programming languages and systems. Third Asian symposium, APLAS 2005, Tsukuba, Japan, November 2–5, 2005. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1098.68007

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3780. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-29735-9/pbk). xiii, 435 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 1063.68002).
Indexed articles:
Hosoya, Haruo, Type systems for XML, 1 [Zbl 1159.68370]
Uustalu, Tarmo; Vene, Varmo, The essence of dataflow programming, 2-18 [Zbl 1159.68384]
Mijajlović, Ivana; Yang, Hongseok, Data refinement with low-level pointer operations, 19-36 [Zbl 1159.68377]
Harrison, William L., A simple semantics for polymorphic recursion, 37-51 [Zbl 1159.68369]
Berdine, Josh; Calcagno, Cristiano; O’Hearn, Peter W., Symbolic execution with separation logic, 52-68 [Zbl 1159.68363]
Ranzato, Francesco; Tapparo, Francesco, An abstract interpretation perspective on linear vs. branching time, 69-85 [Zbl 1159.68380]
Monniaux, David, The parallel implementation of the astrée static analyzer, 86-96 [Zbl 1159.68378]
Whaley, John; Avots, Dzintars; Carbin, Michael; Lam, Monica S., Using datalog with binary decision diagrams for program analysis, 97-118 [Zbl 1159.68386]
Leino, K. Rustan M.; Logozzo, Francesco, Loop invariants on demand, 119-134 [Zbl 1159.68374]
Cousot, Patrick, Integrating physical systems in the static analysis of embedded control software, 135-138 [Zbl 1159.68366]
Livshits, Benjamin; Whaley, John; Lam, Monica S., Reflection analysis for Java, 139-160 [Zbl 1159.68375]
Igarashi, Atsushi; Saito, Chieri; Viroli, Mirko, Lightweight family polymorphism, 161-177 [Zbl 1159.68371]
Binder, Walter, A portable and customizable profiling framework for Java based on bytecode instruction counting, 178-194 [Zbl 1159.68364]
Chen, Chien-An; Kalvala, Sara; Sinclair, Jane, Race conditions in message sequence charts, 195-211 [Zbl 1159.68365]
Reps, T.; Balakrishnan, G.; Lim, J.; Teitelbaum, T., A next-generation platform for analyzing executables, 212-229 [Zbl 1159.68381]
Anderson, Hugh; Khoo, Siau-Cheng; Andrei, Stefan; Luca, Beatrice, Calculating polynomial runtime properties, 230-246 [Zbl 1159.68361]
Zilio, Silvano Dal; Gascon, Régis, Resource bound certification for a tail-recursive virtual machine, 247-263 [Zbl 1159.68387]
Kang, Hyun-Goo; Kim, Youil; Han, Taisook; Han, Hwansoo, A path sensitive type system for resource usage verification of \(C\) like languages, 264-280 [Zbl 1159.68373]
Sereni, Damien; Jones, Neil D., Termination analysis of higher-order functional programs, 281-297 [Zbl 1159.68383]
Kanade, Aditya; Khedker, Uday; Sanyal, Amitabha, Heterogeneous fixed points with application to points-to analysis, 298-314 [Zbl 1159.68372]
Pereira, Fernando Magno Quintão; Palsberg, Jens, Register allocation via coloring of chordal graphs, 315-329 [Zbl 1159.68379]
Vanbroekhoven, Peter; Janssens, Gerda; Bruynooghe, Maurice; Catthoor, Francky, Transformation to dynamic single assignment using a simple data flow analysis, 330-346 [Zbl 1159.68385]
Rival, Xavier, Abstract dependences for alarm diagnosis, 347-363 [Zbl 1159.68382]
Benton, Nick, A typed, compositional logic for a stack-based abstract machine, 364-380 [Zbl 1159.68362]
Gori, Roberta; Levi, Francesca, A new occurrence counting analysis for BioAmbients, 381-400 [Zbl 1159.68368]
Distefano, Dino, A parametric model for the analysis of mobile ambients, 401-417 [Zbl 1159.68367]
Mastroeni, Isabella, On the rôle of abstract non-interference in language-based security, 418-433 [Zbl 1159.68376]


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68N15 Theory of programming languages
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