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Computer science – theory and applications. First international computer science symposium in Russia, CSR 2006, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 8–12, 2006. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1102.68006
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3967. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-34166-8/pbk). xvi, 684 p. (2006).

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Indexed articles:
Arvind, V.; Das, Bireswar, SZK proofs for black-box group problems, 6-17 [Zbl 1148.68378]
Avgustinovich, S. V.; Frid, A. E., Canonical decomposition of a regular factorial language, 18-22 [Zbl 1185.68378]
Babenko, Maxim A., Acyclic bidirected and skew-symmetric graphs: Algorithms and structure, 23-34 [Zbl 1185.05133]
Barral, Freiric; Soloviev, Sergei, Inductive type schemas as functors, 35-45 [Zbl 1185.68189]
Baudru, Nicolas; Morin, Rémi, Unfolding synthesis of asynchronous automata, 46-57 [Zbl 1185.68380]
Béal, Marie-Pierre; Lombardy, Sylvain; Sakarovitch, Jacques, Conjugacy and equivalence of weighted automata and functional transducers, 58-69 [Zbl 1185.68381]
Berman, Piotr; Fürer, Martin; Zelikovsky, Alexander, Applications of the linear matroid parity algorithm to approximating Steiner trees, 70-79 [Zbl 1185.68460]
Beyersdorff, Olaf, Tuples of disjoint NP-sets, 80-91 [Zbl 1148.68380]
Bienvenu, Laurent, Constructive equivalence relations on computable probability measures, 92-103 [Zbl 1185.03070]
Bodini, Olivier; Fernique, Thomas, Planar dimer tilings, 104-113 [Zbl 1119.05022]
Bodirsky, Manuel; Kára, Jan, The complexity of equality constraint languages, 114-126 [Zbl 1148.68385]
Cégielski, Patrick; Guessarian, Irène; Lifshits, Yury; Matiyasevich, Yuri, Window subsequence problems for compressed texts, 127-136 [Zbl 1178.68694]
Chistov, Alexander L., Efficient algorithms in zero-characteristic for a new model of representation of algebraic varieties, 137-146 [Zbl 1185.14055]
Dantchev, Stefan, Relativisation provides natural separations for resolution-based proof systems, 147-158 [Zbl 1185.03085]
Dantchev, Stefan; Madelaine, Florent, Bounded-degree forbidden patterns problems are constraint satisfaction problems, 159-170 [Zbl 1185.68640]
Dudakov, Sergey M., Isolation and reducibility properties and the collapse result, 171-177 [Zbl 1133.03341]
Gál, Anna; Koucký, Michal; McKenzie, Pierre, Incremental branching programs (extended abstract), 178-190 [Zbl 1141.68419]
Goris, Evan, Logic of proofs for bounded arithmetic, 191-201 [Zbl 1138.03324]
Grunsky, Igor; Kurganskyy, Oleksiy; Potapov, Igor, On a maximal NFA without mergible states, 202-210 [Zbl 1185.68388]
Hirshfeld, Yoram; Rabinovich, Alexander, Expressiveness of metric modalities for continuous time, 211-220 [Zbl 1185.03021]
Khachiyan, Leonid; Gurvich, Vladimir; Zhao, Jihui, Extending Dijkstra’s algorithm to maximize the shortest path by node-wise limited arc interdiction, 221-234 [Zbl 1185.90198]
Meinecke, Ingmar, Weighted logics for traces, 235-246 [Zbl 1185.68450]
Messerschmidt, Hartmut; Otto, Friedrich, On nonforgetting restarting automata that are deterministic and/or monotone, 247-258 [Zbl 1185.68394]
Mints, Grigori, Unwinding a non-effective cut elimination proof, 259-269 [Zbl 1185.03082]
Mölle, Daniel; Richter, Stefan; Rossmanith, Peter, Enumerate and expand: Improved algorithms for connected vertex cover and tree cover, 270-280 [Zbl 1185.05117]
Muchnik, An.; Vereshchagin, N., Shannon entropy vs. Kolmogorov complexity, 281-291 [Zbl 1185.68370]
Okhotin, Alexander, Language equations with symmetric difference, 292-303 [Zbl 1185.68396]
Plisko, Valery, On primitive recursive realizabilities, 304-312 [Zbl 1185.03087]
Rubtsova, Natalia, Evidence reconstruction of epistemic modal logic S5, 313-321 [Zbl 1185.03016]
Rybakov, V., Linear temporal logic with until and before on integer numbers, deciding algorithms, 322-333 [Zbl 1185.03022]
Saari, Kalle, On the frequency of letters in morphic sequences, 334-345 [Zbl 1185.68398]
Shlepakov, Sergey P., Functional equations in Shostak theories, 346-351 [Zbl 1185.03010]
Tiskin, Alexander, All semi-local longest common subsequences in subquadratic time, 352-363 [Zbl 1185.68878]
Ustinov, Michael A., Non-approximability of the randomness deficiency function, 364-368 [Zbl 1185.68372]
Yavorskaya, Tatiana, Multi-agent explicit knowledge, 369-380 [Zbl 1185.03018]
Abel, Andreas, Polarized subtyping for sized types, 381-392 [Zbl 1142.68326]
Bournayev, Konstantin, Neural-network based physical fields modeling techniques, 393-402 [Zbl 1185.93011]
Kim, Yong-Guk; Jang, Min-Soo; Cho, Kyoung-Sic; Park, Gwi-Tae, Performance comparison between backpropagation, neuro-fuzzy network, and SVM, 438-446 [Zbl 1185.68537]
Lee, Yeung-Hak; Han, Chang-Wook, 3D facial recognition using eigenface and cascade fuzzy neural networks: Normalized facial image approach, 457-465 [Zbl 1185.68544]
Lu, Feng; Lai, Poh-Chin, A shortest path algorithm based on limited search heuristics, 487-497 [Zbl 1185.68646]
Roorda, Jan-Willem; Claessen, Koen, Explaining symbolic trajectory evaluation by giving it a faithful semantics, 555-566 [Zbl 1185.68423]
Sarbazi-Azad, Hamid; Mahini, Hamid; Patooghy, Ahmad, Analytic modeling of channel traffic in \(n\)-cubes, 567-579 [Zbl 1185.68122]
Shareghi, Pooya; Imani, Navid; Sarbazi-Azad, Hamid, Capturing an intruder in the pyramid, 580-590 [Zbl 1185.68134]
Sinz, Carsten; Biere, Armin, Extended resolution proofs for conjoining BDDs, 600-611 [Zbl 1185.68635]
Tonchev, Vladimir D.; Wang, Hao, Optimal difference systems of sets with multipliers, 612-618 [Zbl 1185.94040]
Zhang, Haoran; Sun, Peng, A new flow control algorithm for high speed computer network, 652-659 [Zbl 1185.68128]
Zhang, Haoran; Wang, Xiaodong, Nonlinear systems modeling and control using support vector machine technique, 660-669 [Zbl 1185.93058]

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