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Mathematics of evolution and phylogeny. (English) Zbl 1104.92332
Oxford: Oxford University Press (ISBN 0-19-856610-7/hbk). xxvi, 416 p. (2005).

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Publisher’s description: This book considers evolution at different scales: sequences, genes, gene families, organelles, genomes and species. The focus is on the mathematical and computational tools and concepts, which form an essential basis of evolutionary studies, indicate their limitations, and give them orientation. Recent years have witnessed rapid progress in the mathematics of evolution and phylogeny, with models and methods becoming more realistic, powerful, and complex.
Aimed at graduates and researchers in phylogenetics, mathematicians, computer scientists and biologists, and including chapters by leading scientists: A. Bergeron, D. Bertrand, D. Bryant, R. Desper, O. Elemento, N. El-Mabrouk, N. Galtier, O. Gascuel, M. Hendy, S. Holmes, K. Huber, A. Meade, J. Mixtacki, B. Moret, E. Mossel, V. Moulton, M. Pagel, M.-A. Poursat, D. Sankoff, M. Steel, J. Stoye, J. Tang, L.-S. Wang, T. Warnow, Z. Yang, this book of contributed chapters explains the basis and covers the recent results in this highly topical area.
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Indexed articles:
Desper, Richard; Gascuel, Olivier, The minimum evolution distance-based approach to phylogenetic inference, 1-32 [Zbl 1090.62121]
Bryant, David; Galtier, Nicolas; Poursat, Marie-Anne, Likelihood calculation in molecular phylogenetics, 33-62 [Zbl 1090.62120]
Yang, Ziheng, Bayesian inference in molecular phylogenetics, 63-90 [Zbl 1090.62026]
Holmes, Susan, Statistical approach to tests involving phylogenies, 91-120 [Zbl 1090.62123]
Pagel, Mark; Meade, Andrew, Mixture models in phylogenetic inference, 121-142 [Zbl 1090.62125]
Hendy, Michael D., Hadamard conjugation: an analytic tool for phylogenetics, 143-177 [Zbl 1090.92031]
Huber, Katharina T.; Moulton, Vincent, Phylogenetic networks, 178-204 [Zbl 1090.92032]
Gascuel, Olivier; Bertrand, Denis; Elemento, Olivier, Reconstructing the duplication history of tandemly repeated sequences, 205-235 [Zbl 1090.92030]
Sankoff, David, Conserved segment statistics and rearrangement inferences in comparative genomics, 236-261 [Zbl 1090.62127]
Bergeron, Anne; Mixtacki, Julia; Stoye, Jens, The inversion distance problem, 262-290 [Zbl 1090.92028]
El-Mabrouk, Nadia, Genome rearrangements with gene families, 291-320 [Zbl 1090.92029]
Moret, Bernard M. E.; Tang, Jijun; Warnow, Tandy, Reconstructing phylogenies from gene-content and gene-order data, 321-352 [Zbl 1090.92033]
Wang, Li-San; Warnow, Tandy, Distance-based genome rearrangement phylogeny, 353-383 [Zbl 1090.92035]
Mossel, Elchanan; Steel, Mike, How much can evolved characters tell us about the tree that generated them?, 384-412 [Zbl 1090.92034]

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