Annual review of fluid mechanics. Vol. 39. (English) Zbl 1106.76006

Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 39. Palo Alto, CA: Annual Reviews (ISBN 0-8243-0739-9/hbk). xiv, 553 p. (2007).

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Indexed articles:
Vincenti, Walter G.; Boyd, John W.; Bugos, Glenn E., H. Julian Allen: an appreciation, 1-17 [Zbl 1296.01044]
Jackson, Derek; Launder, Brian, Osborne Reynolds and the publication of his papers on turbulent flow, 19-35 [Zbl 1296.76003]
Monismith, Stephen G., Hydrodynamics of coral reefs, 37-55 [Zbl 1296.76038]
Garrett, Chris; Kunze, Eric, Internal tide generation in the deep ocean, 57-87 [Zbl 1296.76026]
Barrero, Antonio; Loscertales, Ignacio G., Micro- and nanoparticles via capillary flows, 89-106 [Zbl 1296.76047]
Durbin, Paul; Wu, Xiaohua, Transition beneath vortical disturbances, 107-128 [Zbl 1296.76061]
Schmid, Peter J., Nonmodal stability theory, 129-162 [Zbl 1296.76055]
Matalon, Moshe, Intrinsic flame instabilities in premixed and nonpremixed combustion, 163-191 [Zbl 1296.76057]
Young, John B., Thermofluid modeling of fuel cells, 193-215 [Zbl 1296.76172]
de la Mora, Juan Fernández, The fluid dynamics of Taylor cones, 217-243 [Zbl 1296.76183]
Monaghan, J. J., Gravity current interaction with interfaces, 245-261 [Zbl 1296.76013]
Bdzil, John B.; Stewart, D. Scott, The dynamics of detonation in explosive systems, 263-292 [Zbl 1296.76076]
Lasheras, Juan C., The biomechanics of arterial aneurysms, 293-319 [Zbl 1296.76188]
Gonnermann, Helge M.; Manga, Michael, The fluid mechanics inside a volcano, 321-356 [Zbl 1296.76155]
Duraiswamy, Nandini; Schoephoerster, Richard T.; Moreno, Michael R.; Moore, James E. jun., Stented artery flow patterns and their effects on the artery wall, 357-382 [Zbl 1296.76185]
Kim, John; Bewley, Thomas R., A linear systems approach to flow control, 383-417 [Zbl 1296.76074]
Villermaux, E., Fragmentation, 419-446 [Zbl 1296.76164]
Eckhardt, Bruno; Schneider, Tobias M.; Hof, Bjorn; Westerweel, Jerry, Turbulence transition in pipe flow, 447-468 [Zbl 1296.76062]
Clanet, Christophe, Waterbells and liquid sheets, 469-496 [Zbl 1296.76040]


76-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to fluid mechanics
76-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to fluid mechanics
00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
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