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6th Czech-Slovak international symposium on combinatorics, graph theory, algorithms and applications, DIMATIA Center, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, July 10–16, 2006. (English) Zbl 1109.05007
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 28. Amsterdam: Elsevier. 564 p., electronic only (2007).

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The articles of this volume will be announced individually. The preceding conference (5, 1998) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0986.00048 and Zbl 0973.00038).
Indexed articles:
De Mier, Anna, \(k\)-noncrossing and \(k\)-nonnesting graphs and fillings of Ferrers diagrams, 3-10 [Zbl 1291.05016]
Skums, P. V.; Suzdal, S. V.; Tyshkevich, R. I., Operator decomposition of graphs and the reconstruction conjecture, 11-16 [Zbl 1291.05164]
Panyukova, Tatiana, Eulerian cover with ordered enclosing for flat graphs, 17-24 [Zbl 1293.05182]
Lev, Vsevolod F., Sums and differences along Hamiltonian cycles, 25-31 [Zbl 1259.05076]
Pór, Attila; Wood, David R., Colourings of the Cartesian product of graphs and multiplicative Sidon sets, 33-40 [Zbl 1293.05120]
Friedrich, Tobias; Doerr, Benjamin; Klein, Christian; Osbild, Ralf, Unbiased matrix rounding, 41-46 [Zbl 1293.65076]
Bessy, Stéphane; Lichiardopol, Nicolas; Sereni, Jean-Sébastien, Two proofs of Bermond-Thomassen conjecture for regular tournaments, 47-53 [Zbl 1291.05079]
Broersma, Hajo; Fijavž, Gašper; Kaiser, Tomáš; Kužel, Roman; Ryjáček, Zdeněk; Vrána, Petr, Contractible subgraphs, Thomassen’s conjecture and the dominating cycle conjecture for snarks, 55-59 [Zbl 1291.05114]
Aguiló-Gost, F.; Miralles, A.; Zaragozá, M., Some contributions to the Frobenius’ problem, 61-68 [Zbl 1293.05130]
Berger, Annabell; Hochstättler, Winfried, Minconvex graph factors of prescribed size and a simpler reduction to weighted \(f\)-factors, 69-76 [Zbl 1293.05285]
Fiala, Jiří; Soto, José, Block transitivity and degree matrices (extended abstract), 77-82 [Zbl 1291.05030]
Tuza, Zsolt, Extremal jumps of the Hall number, 83-89 [Zbl 1293.05127]
Dohmen, Klaus; Tittmann, Peter, Improved Bonferroni inequalities and binomially bounded functions, 91-93 [Zbl 1291.05018]
Fiol, M. A.; Mitjana, M., The local spectra of line graphs, 95-102 [Zbl 1291.05121]
Kochol, Martin; Krivoňáková, Nad’a; Smejová, Silvia; Šranková, Katarína, Nowhere-zero \(\mathbb {Z}_5\)-flows on wheels, 103-107 [Zbl 1291.05083]
Cameron, Peter J.; Wu, Taoyang, The complexity of the weight problem for permutation groups., 109-116 [Zbl 1206.20001]
Tokushige, Norihide, An extension of the Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem, 117-123 [Zbl 1291.05104]
Jendrol’, Stanislav, Rainbowness of plane graphs, 125-129 [Zbl 1291.05047]
Schmitt, John R.; Ferrara, Michael, An Erdős-Stone type conjecture for graphic sequences, 131-135 [Zbl 1291.05043]
Araujo-Pardo, Gabriela; González, Diego; Montellano-Ballesteros, Juan José; Serra, Oriol, On upper bounds and connectivity of cages, 137-140 [Zbl 1291.05110]
Araujo-Pardo, Gabriela; Olsen, Mika, Infinite families of \((n+1)\)-dichromatic vertex critical circulant tournaments, 141-144 [Zbl 1291.05078]
Jacko, Peter; Niño-Mora, José, Time-constrained restless bandits and the knapsack problem for perishable items (extended abstract), 145-152 [Zbl 1301.90080]
Bonichon, Nicolas; Gavoille, Cyril; Labourel, Arnaud, Short labels by traversal and jumping, 153-160 [Zbl 1291.05171]
Török, L’ubomír; Vrt’o, Imrich, Antibandwidth of three-dimensional meshes, 161-167 [Zbl 1291.05181]
Bokal, Drago; Czabarka, Éva; Székely, László A.; Vrt’o, Imrich, Graph minors and the crossing number of graphs, 169-175 [Zbl 1291.05191]
Chimani, Markus; Gutwenger, Carsten; Mutzel, Petra, On the minimum cut of planarizations, 177-184 [Zbl 1291.05045]
Pêcher, Arnaud; Pesneau, Pierre; Wagler, Annegret K., On facets of stable set polytopes of claw-free graphs with stability number three, 185-190 [Zbl 1293.05323]
Fox, Jacob; Jungić, Veselin; Radoičić, Radoš, Sub-Ramsey numbers for arithmetic progressions and Schur triples, 191-198 [Zbl 1293.05384]
Bendito, E.; Carmona, A.; Encinas, A. M.; Gesto, J. M., Regular two-point boundary value problems for the Schrödinger operator on a path, 199-206 [Zbl 1293.39002]
Mednykh, Alexander; Nedela, Roman, Enumeration of unrooted hypermaps, 207-214 [Zbl 1291.05009]
Mitsche, Dieter, Between colorings and layouts – minimum morphism cost problems, 215-221 [Zbl 1296.05076]
Nešetřil, Jaroslav; Ossona de Mendez, Patrice, Fraternal augmentations of graphs, coloration and minors, 223-230 [Zbl 1213.05095]
Boza, L.; Revuelta, M. P., The dimension of a graph, 231-238 [Zbl 1291.05044]
Steffen, Eckhard, Tutte’s 5-flow conjecture for highly cyclically connected cubic graphs, 239-242 [Zbl 1293.05196]
Niepel, L’udovít, Histories in path graphs, 243-250 [Zbl 1293.05181]
Esperet, Louis; Pinlou, Alexandre, Acyclic improper choosability of graphs, 251-258 [Zbl 1291.05060]
Shitova, I. M., On the chromatic numbers of metric spaces with few forbidden distances, 259-264 [Zbl 1291.05076]
Bonsma, Paul S., Linear time algorithms for finding sparsest cuts in various graph classes, 265-272 [Zbl 1293.05364]
Raigorodskii, A. M., Borsuk’s problem and the chromatic numbers of metric spaces, 273-280 [Zbl 1291.05072]
Jendrol’, Stanislav; Miškuf, Jozef; Soták, Roman, Total edge irregularity strength of complete graphs and complete bipartite graphs, 281-285 [Zbl 1291.05175]
Kardoš, František, Fulleroids with dihedral symmetry, 287-292 [Zbl 1291.05199]
Kaiser, Tomáš; Raspaud, André, Non-intersecting perfect matchings in cubic graphs (extended abstract), 293-299 [Zbl 1291.05158]
Staneková, L’ubica, \(t\)-balanced Cayley maps of dihedral groups, 301-307 [Zbl 1291.05092]
Milková, Eva, The minimum spanning tree problem: Jarník’s solution in historical and present context, 309-316 [Zbl 1291.05102]
Ekim, Tınaz; Mahadev, N. V. R.; de Werra, Dominique, Polar cographs, 317-323 [Zbl 1136.05316]
Katrenič, Peter; Semanišin, Gabriel, On a tree-partition problem, 325-330 [Zbl 1293.05296]
Karabáš, Ján; Nedela, Roman, Archimedean solids of genus two, 331-339 [Zbl 1300.57019]
Orlovich, Yu. L.; Zverovich, I. E., Independent domination in triangle graphs, 341-348 [Zbl 1291.05148]
Klešč, Marián, The join of graphs and crossing numbers, 349-355 [Zbl 1291.05108]
Kempner, Yulia; Levit, Vadim E., A geometric characterization of poly-antimatroids, 357-364 [Zbl 1291.05032]
Šiagiová, Jana; Vetrík, Tomáš, Large vertex-transitive and Cayley graphs with given degree and diameter, 365-369 [Zbl 1291.05087]
Feder, Tomás; Hell, Pavol; Xie, Wing, Matrix partitions with finitely many obstructions, 371-378 [Zbl 1158.05325]
Kochubinska, Yevgeniya, On cross-sections of partial wreath product of inverse semigroups., 379-386 [Zbl 1192.20047]
MatŠtehlík, Ej, A hypergraph version of the Gallai-Edmonds theorem, 387-391 [Zbl 1291.05141]
Gitler, Isidoro; Reyes, Enrique; Villarreal, Rafael H., Ring graphs and toric ideals, 393-400 [Zbl 1291.05089]
Galeana-Sánchez, Hortensia; Guevara, Mucuy-Kak, Kernel perfect and critical kernel imperfect digraphs structure, 401-408 [Zbl 1293.05133]
Rosenfeld, Moshe, A “simple” rectangular puzzle, 409-415 [Zbl 1291.05037]
Skupień, Zdzisław, Exponentially many hypohamiltonian snarks, 417-424 [Zbl 1291.05115]
Doerr, Benjamin; Lengler, Johannes; Steurer, David, The interval liar game, 425-432 [Zbl 1332.68005]
Čada, Roman, Path factors and line graphs, 433-436 [Zbl 1291.05105]
Serra, Oriol, Some Ramsey and anti-Ramsey results in finite groups, 437-444 [Zbl 1291.05074]
Berend, D.; Korach, E.; Zucker, S., A reduction of the anticoloring problem to connected graphs, 445-451 [Zbl 1291.05053]
Czerwiński, Sebastian; Grytczuk, Jarek, Nonrepetitive colorings of graphs, 453-459 [Zbl 1291.05058]
Strausz, Ricardo, Homomorphisms of separoids, 461-468 [Zbl 1291.05036]
Keller, André A., Graph theory and economic models: from small to large size applications, 469-476 [Zbl 1291.05200]
Mačaj, Martin; Širáň, Jozef; Ipolyiová, Mária, Planar width of regular maps, 477-484 [Zbl 1291.05217]
Pál, Dávid; Škoviera, Martin, Edge-colourings of cubic graphs and universal Steiner triple systems, 485-492 [Zbl 1293.05119]
Kang, Mihyun, Evolution of random graph processes with degree constraints, 493-500 [Zbl 1291.05187]
Chalopin, Jérémie; Ochem, Pascal, Dejean’s conjecture and letter frequency, 501-505 [Zbl 1291.68300]
Raspaud, André; Roussel, Nicolas, Circular chromatic number of triangle-free graphs with given maximum average degree (extended abstract), 507-514 [Zbl 1291.05042]
Tepeh Horvat, Aleksandra, Crossing graphs of fiber-complemented graphs, 515-520 [Zbl 1291.05168]
Šumenjak, Tadeja Kraner, \(\theta\) -graphs of partial cubes and strong edge colorings, 521-526 [Zbl 1293.05093]
Zhou, Sanming, Distance labelling problems for hypercubes and Hamming graphs – a survey, 527-534 [Zbl 1291.05150]
O’Reilly-Regueiro, Eugenia, Classification of flag-transitive symmetric designs, 535-542 [Zbl 1291.05026]
Gonçalves, D., On vertex partitions and the Colin de Verdière parameter, 543-547 [Zbl 1293.05292]
Král’, Daniel; Nejedlý, Pavel, Distance constrained labelings of \(K_{4}\)-minor free graphs, 549-556 [Zbl 1293.05340]
Eliahou, Shalom; Kervaire, Michel, Some extensions of the Cauchy-Davenport theorem., 557-564 [Zbl 1161.20020]

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