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Sobolev space estimates and symbolic calculus for bilinear pseudodifferential operators. (English) Zbl 1110.47039
The present paper deals with bilinear pseudodifferential operators, defined a priori from $S (\Bbb R^{n}) \times S (\Bbb R^{n})$ into $S' (\Bbb R^{n}),$ of the form $$T_{\sigma} (f,g) (x) = \int_{\Bbb R^{n}} \int_{\Bbb R^{n}} \sigma (x,\xi,\eta) \widehat{f} (\xi) \widehat{g} (\eta) e^{i x(\xi + \eta)} d \xi\, d \eta,$$ where their symbols $\sigma$ satisfy estimates of the form (the class $B S_{\rho,\delta}^{m})$ $$\vert \partial_{x}^{\alpha} \partial_{\xi}^{\beta} \partial_{\eta}^{\gamma} \sigma (x,\xi,\eta) \vert \leq C_{\alpha \beta \gamma} (1 + \vert \xi \vert + \vert \eta \vert )^{m + \delta \vert \alpha \vert - \rho (\vert \beta \vert + \vert \gamma \vert)},$$ or (the class $B S_{\rho,\delta;\theta}^{m}$) $$\vert \partial_{x}^{\alpha} \partial_{\xi}^{\beta} \partial_{\eta}^{\gamma} \sigma (x,\xi,\eta) \vert \leq C_{\alpha \beta \gamma;\theta} (1 + \vert \eta - \xi \tan \theta \vert )^{m + \delta \vert \alpha \vert - \rho (\vert \beta \vert + \vert \gamma \vert)}$$ for all $(x,\xi,\eta) \in \Bbb R^{3n}$, all multi-indices $\alpha,\beta$ and $\gamma,$ and some constants $C_{\alpha \beta \gamma}$ or, respectively, $C_{\alpha \beta \gamma;\theta}$. It is assumed that $\theta \in (-\frac{\pi}{2},\frac{\pi}{2})$, with the convention that $\theta = \pi/2$ corresponds to the decay in terms of $1 + \vert \xi \vert$ only. $S (\Bbb R^{n})$ denotes the Schwartz space of functions and $S' (\Bbb R^{n})$ is the space of tempered distributions. By $\widehat{f}$ is denoted the Fourier transform of the function $f\in S (\Bbb R^{n}).$ The authors study mainly the boundedness properties of such operators $T_{\sigma}$. Among many other results, the authors prove that every operator $T_{\sigma}$ with a symbol in the class $B S_{1,1}^{m}$, $m \geq 0,$ has a bounded extension from $L_{m + s}^{p} \times L_{m + s}^{q}$ into $L_{s}^{r},$ provided that $1/p + 1/q = 1/r$, $1 < p,q,r < \infty,$ and $s > 0.$ Moreover, $$\Vert T_{\sigma} (f,g) \Vert_{L_{s}^{r}} \leq C (p,q,r,s,n,m,\sigma) \left(\Vert f \Vert_{L_{m + s}^{p}} \Vert g \Vert_{L^{q}} + \Vert f \Vert_{L^{p}} \Vert g \Vert_{L_{m + s}^{q}}\right).$$ A symbolic calculus for the transposes of bilinear pseudodifferential operators and for the composition of linear pseudodifferential operators is also presented.

47G30Pseudodifferential operators
42B15Multipliers, several variables
42C10Fourier series in special orthogonal functions
35S99Pseudodifferential operators
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