Recent developments in nonparametric inference and probability. Festschrift for Michael Woodroofe. Some papers presented at the conference on ‘nonparametric inference and probability with applications to science’, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, September 24–25, 2005. (English) Zbl 1113.62003

Institute of Mathematical Statistics Lecture Notes - Monograph Series 50. Beachwood, OH: IMS, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (ISBN 978-0-940600-66-9/pbk). vii, 231 p., open access (2006).

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Indexed articles:
Heller, B.; Wang, Mei, Group invariant inferred distributions via noncommutative probability, 1-19 [Zbl 1268.62005]
Wu, Wei Biao; Shao, Xiaofeng, Invariance principles for fractionally integrated nonlinear processes, 20-30 [Zbl 1268.60045]
Sarkar, Jyotirmoy, Random walk on a polygon, 31-43 [Zbl 1268.60058]
Lai, Tze Leung; Su, Zheng; Chuang, Chin Shan, Bias correction and confidence intervals following sequential tests, 44-57 [Zbl 1268.62095]
Keener, Robert, Multivariate sequential analysis with linear boundaries, 58-79 [Zbl 1268.62094]
Weng, R. C.; Coad, D. S., Corrected confidence intervals for secondary parameters following sequential tests, 80-104 [Zbl 1268.62096]
Bartroff, Jay, Efficient three-stage \(t\)-tests, 105-111 [Zbl 1268.62093]
Marchand, √Čric; Strawderman, William E., On the behavior of Bayesian credible intervals for some restricted parameter space problems, 112-126 [Zbl 1268.62033]
Sun, Jiayang; Wang, Bin, Sieve estimates for biased survival data, 127-143 [Zbl 1268.62133]
Zhang, Tonglin, Existence of the signal in the signal plus background model, 144-155 [Zbl 1268.62011]
Cohen, Arthur; Kolassa, John; Sackrowitz, Harold, A test for equality of multinomial distributions vs increasing convex order, 156-163 [Zbl 1268.62054]
Nagai, Keiji; Zhang, Cun-Hui, Nonlinear renewal theorems for random walks with perturbations of intermediate order, 164-175 [Zbl 1268.60109]
Kim, Dong-Yun; Woodroofe, Michael, A non-linear renewal theorem with stationary and slowly changing perturbations, 176-189 [Zbl 1268.60108]
DasGupta, Anirban; Zhang, Tonglin, On the false discovery rates of a frequentist: asymptotic expansions, 190-212 [Zbl 1268.62072]
Wang, Xiaofeng; Sun, Jiayang; Bogie, Kath, Spatial-temporal data mining procedure: LASR, 213-231 [Zbl 1268.60123]


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