Advances in fractional calculus. Theoretical developments and applications in physics and engineering. (English) Zbl 1116.00014

Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4020-6041-0/hbk; 978-1-4020-6042-7/ebook). xiii, 552 p. (2007).

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Singh, Satwinder Jit; Chatterjee, Anindya, Three classes of FDEs amenable to approximation using a Galerkin technique, 3-14 [Zbl 1128.65084]
Hanneken, John W.; Vaught, David M.; Narahari Achar, B. N., Enumeration of the real zeros of the Mittag-Leffler function \(E_\alpha(z)\), \(1<\alpha< 2\), 15-26 [Zbl 1124.33020]
Narahari Achar, B. N.; Lorenzo, Carl F.; Hartley, Tom T., The Caputo fractional derivative: initialization issues relative to fractional differential equation, 27-42 [Zbl 1138.26304]
Agrawal, Om Prakash; Kumar, Pankaj, Comparison of five numerical schemes for fractional differential equations, 43-60 [Zbl 1128.65105]
Xue, Dingyü; Chen, Yangquan, Suboptimum \(H_2\) pseudo-rational approximations to fractional-order linear time invariant systems, 61-75 [Zbl 1127.65044]
Bonilla, Blanca; Rivero, Margarita; Trujillo, Juan J., Linear differential equations of fractional order, 77-91 [Zbl 1137.34003]
Ortigueira, Manuel Duarte, Riesz potentials as centred derivatives, 93-112 [Zbl 1155.26005]
Baleanu, Dumitru; Muslih, Sami I., On fractional variational principles, 115-126 [Zbl 1129.49001]
Zaslavsky, George M., Fractional kinetics in pseudochaotic systems and its applications, 127-138 [Zbl 1125.37025]
Krempl, Peter W., Semi-integrals and semi-derivatives in particle physics, 139-154 [Zbl 1133.26002]
Nigmatullin, Raoul R.; Trujillo, Juan J., Mesoscopic fractional kinetic equations versus a Riemann-Liouville integral type, 155-167 [Zbl 1206.82076]
Krepysheva, N.; Di Pietro, L.; Néel, M. C., Enhanced tracer diffusion in porous media with an impermeable boundary, 171-184 [Zbl 1206.82081]
Logvinova, Kira; Néel, Marie Christine, Solute spreading in heterogeneous aggregated porous media, 185-197 [Zbl 1206.82084]
San Jose Martines, F.; Pachepsky, Y. A.; Rawls, W. J., Fractional advective-dispersive equation as a model of solute transport in porous media, 199-212 [Zbl 1206.82094]
Benchellal, Amel; Poinot, Thierry; Trigeassou, Jean-Claude, Modelling and identification of diffusive systems using fractional models, 213-225 [Zbl 1130.80005]
Valério, Duarte; Sá da Costa, José, Identification of fractional models from frequency data, 229-242 [Zbl 1129.93360]
Narahari Achar, B. N.; Hanneken, John W., Dynamic response of the fractional relaxor-oscillator to a harmonic driving force, 243-256 [Zbl 1350.70045]
Haschka, Markus; Krebs, Volker, A direct approximation of fractional Cole-Cole systems by ordinary first-order processes, 257-270 [Zbl 1127.80008]
Sommacal, Laurent; Melchior, Pierre; Cabelguen, Jean-Marie; Oustaloup, Alain; Ijspeert, Auke, Fractional multimodels of the gastrocnemius muscle for tetanus pattern, 271-285 [Zbl 1125.92021]
Serrier, Pascal; Moreau, Xavier; Oustaloup, Alain, Limited-bandwidth fractional differentiator: synthesis and application in vibration isolation, 287-302 [Zbl 1143.70014]
Reis, Cecília; Machado, J. A. Tenreiro; Boaventura Cunha, J., A fractional calculus perspective in the evolutionary design of combinational circuits, 305-322 [Zbl 1179.94089]
Machado, J. A. Tenreiro; Jesus, Isabel S.; Galhano, Alexandra; Boaventura Cunha, J.; Tar, J. K., Electrical skin phenomena: a fractional calculus analysis, 323-332 [Zbl 1134.78004]
Jiang, Cindy X.; Carletta, Joan E.; Hartley, Tom T., Implementation of fractional-order operators on field programmable gate arrays, 333-346 [Zbl 1129.93014]
Adams, Jay L.; Hartley, Tom T.; Lorenzo, Carl F., Complex order-distributions using conjugated order differintegrals, 347-360 [Zbl 1142.26303]
Nasuno, Hiroshi; Shimizu, Nobuyuki; Fukunaga, Masataka, Fractional derivative consideration on nonlinear viscoelastic statical and dynamical behavior under large pre-displacement, 363-376 [Zbl 1350.74005]
Nigmatullin, R. R.; Alekhin, A. P., Quasi-fractals: new possibilities in description of disordered media, 377-388 [Zbl 1206.82052]
Singh, Satwinder Jit; Chatterjee, Anindya, Fractional damping: stochastic origin and finite approximations, 389-402 [Zbl 1350.74010]
Catania, Giuseppe; Sorrentino, Silvio, Analytical modelling and experimental identification of viscoelastic mechanical systems, 403-416 [Zbl 1350.74004]
Moze, Mathieu; Sabatier, Jocelyn; Oustaloup, Alain, LMI characterization of fractional systems stability, 419-434 [Zbl 1125.93051]
Kuroda, Masaharu, Active wave control for flexible structures using fractional calculus, 435-448 [Zbl 1126.93018]
Feliu, Vicente; Vinagre, Blas M.; Monje, Concepción A., Fractional-order control of a flexible manipulator, 449-462 [Zbl 1126.93025]
Valério, Duarte; Sá da Costa, José, Tuning rules for fractional PIDs, 463-476 [Zbl 1126.93026]
Melchior, Pierre; Poty, Alexandre; Oustaloup, Alain, Frequency band-limited fractional differentiator prefilter in path tracking design, 477-492 [Zbl 1126.93397]
Melchior, Pierre; Cugnet, Mikaël; Sabatier, Jocelyn; Poty, Alexandre; Oustaloup, Alain, Flatness control of a fractional thermal system, 493-509 [Zbl 1126.93335]
Lanusse, Patrick; Oustaloup, Alain, Robustness comparison of Smith predictor-based control and fractional-order control, 511-526 [Zbl 1126.93023]
Lanusse, Patrick; Oustaloup, Alain; Sabatier, Jocelyn, Robust design of an anti-windup compensated 3rd-generation CRONE controller, 527-542 [Zbl 1125.93418]
Liang, Jinsong; Zhang, Weiwei; Chen, Yangquan; Podlubny, Igor, Robustness of fractional-order boundary control of time fractional wave equations with delayed boundary measurement using the simple predictor, 543-552 [Zbl 1125.93029]


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