The science of hysteresis. Vol. III. Hysteresis in materials. (English) Zbl 1117.34047

Amsterdam: Elsevier/Academic Press (ISBN 978-0-12-369433-1/hbk; 978-0-12-480874-4/set). xii, 751 p. (2006).

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The three volume collection is intended to give a complete overview of the state-of-the-art in hysteresis theory and applications. Volume I is mainly devoted to introductory modeling considerations and to mathematical approaches to hysteresis problems. The physics and micromagnetics viewpoints are illustrated in different situations in Volume II. Finally, applications to materials sciences are treated in Volume III.
The amount of scientific material collected here is very impressive and will certainly become a substantial source of reference for further research in this field. The contents ranges from the qualitative mathematical theory of hysteresis operators coupled with ordinary and partial differential equations with or without stochastic terms, over various ways to explain macroscopic hysteresis as a result of internal processes at the mesoscopic level, up to practical applications in modeling and simulating complex behavior of materials with hidden microstructure. The reader might perhaps miss a few words about mathematical consequences of the hysteresis energy balance and dissipation estimates in nonequilibrium evolution processes, but this has negligible influence on the overall excellent quality of the volume.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For Vol. I and II see Zbl 1117.34045 and and Zbl 1117.34046.
Indexed articles:
Fiorillo, Fausto; Appino, Carlo; Pasquale, Massimo, Hysteresis in magnetic materials, 1-190 [Zbl 1151.35427]
Beatrice, Cinzia; Tiberto, Paola, Magnetic hysteresis in nanostructured materials, 191-255 [Zbl 1151.35093]
Mayergoyz, Isaak D., Superconducting hysteresis, 257-335 [Zbl 1140.83014]
Damjanovic, Dragan, Hysteresis in piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, 337-465 [Zbl 1148.82036]
Ortin, Jordi; Planes, Antoni; Delaey, Luc, Hysteresis in shape-memory materials, 467-553 [Zbl 1136.74033]
Guyer, Robert A., Hysteretic elastic systems: geophysical materials, 555-688 [Zbl 1137.74038]
Flynn, Denis; McNamara, Hugh; O’Kane, Philip; Pokrovskii, Alexej, Application of the Preisach model to soil-moisture hysteresis, 689-744 [Zbl 1136.76048]


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