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Refined Hardy inequalities. (English) Zbl 1121.43006
As a generalization of the classical Hardy inequality on \(\mathbb R^N\), the authors obtain the following two inequalities: For \(0<s<N/2\) there exists a constant \(C\) such that \[ \int_{\mathbb R^N}\frac{|u|^2(x)}{|x|^{2s}}dx \leq C\,\|u\|^2_{\Dot{H}^s}, \] where \(\Dot{H}^s\) is the Sobolev space of order \(s\), and for \(2\leq q<2N/(N-2s)<p\leq\infty\), let \(\alpha=pq(1/q-1/2+s/N)/(p-q)\). Then there exists a constant \(C\) such that \[ \Big(\int_{\mathbb R^N}\frac{|u|^2(x)}{|x|^{2s}}dx\Big)^{1/2} \leq C\,\|u\|^\alpha_{\Dot{B}^{s-N(1/2-1/p)}_{p,2}} \|u\|^{1-\alpha}_{\Dot{B}^{s-N(1/2-1/q)}_{q,2}}, \] where \(\Dot{B}^s_{p,q}\) is the Besov space. Moreover, they show that these inequalities also hold on the Heisenberg group. In order to prove the first one they use the Littlewood-Paley theory and prove that \(|x|^{-2s}\in\Dot{B}^{N-s}_{1,\infty}\) and \(u^2\in\Dot{B}^{2s-N/2}_{2,1}\). For the second one, they use the paraproduct algorithm introduced by J.-M. Bony. Furthermore, they deduce that the second one is invariant under oscillations, that is, both sides are of the same order of magnitude when \(u\) are highly oscillatory functions.

43A80 Analysis on other specific Lie groups
42B30 \(H^p\)-spaces
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