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Advances in meshfree techniques. Invited contributions based on the presentation at the ECCOMAS thematic conference on meshless methods, Lisbon, Portugal, July 11–14, 2005. en. (English) Zbl 1125.74003
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences 5. Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4020-6094-6/hbk; 978-90-481-7533-8/pbk; 978-1-4020-6095-3/ebook). viii, 314 p. (2007).

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Indexed articles:
Duarte, C. Armando; Kim, Dae-Jin; Babuška, Ivo, A global-local approach for the construction of enrichment functions for the generalized FEM and its application to three-dimensional cracks, 1-26 [Zbl 1323.74081]
Chahine, Elie; Laborde, Patrick; Pommier, Julien; Renard, Yves; Salaün, Michel, Study of some optimal XFEM type methods, 27-38 [Zbl 1323.74079]
Góis, W.; Proença, S. P. B., Generalized finite element method in mixed variational formulation: A study of convergence and solvability, 39-53 [Zbl 1323.74084]
Chen, Jiun-Shyan; Wu, Youcai, Stability in Lagrangian and semi-Lagrangian reproducing kernel discretizations using nodal integration in nonlinear solid mechanics, 55-76 [Zbl 1323.74104]
Alfaro, I.; Cueto, E.; Chinesta, F.; Doblaré, M., Simulation of forming processes by the \(\alpha\)-shapes-based natural element method, 77-95 [Zbl 1323.74100]
Chinesta, F.; Yvonnet, J.; Villon, P.; Breitkopf, P.; Joyot, P.; Alfaro, I.; Cueto, E., New advances in meshless methods: coupling natural element and moving least squares techniques, 97-121 [Zbl 1323.74105]
Tiago, Carlos; Leitão, Vitor M. A., Eliminating shear-locking in meshless methods: a critical overview and a new framework for structural theories, 123-145 [Zbl 1323.74111]
Aktay, Levent; Johnson, Alastair F., FEM/SPH coupling technique for high velocity impact simulations, 147-167 [Zbl 1323.74077]
Iske, Armin, On the construction of mass conservative and meshless adaptive particle advection methods, 169-186 [Zbl 1323.76080]
Barba, L. A., Spectral-like accuracy in space of a meshless vortex method, 187-197 [Zbl 1323.76071]
Blakely, Christopher D., A hybrid meshless/spectral-element method for the shallow water equations on the sphere, 199-219 [Zbl 1323.76072]
Fasshauer, Gregory E.; Zhang, Jack G., Iterated approximate moving least squares approximation, 221-239 [Zbl 1323.65009]
Alves, Carlos J. S.; Valtchev, Svilen S., A Kansa type method using fundamental solutions applied to elliptic PDEs, 241-256 [Zbl 1323.65122]
Šarler, Božidar, From global to local radial basis function collocation method for transport phenomena, 257-282 [Zbl 1323.65111]
Ferreira, A. J. M.; Fasshauer, G. E., Computation of static deformations and natural frequencies of shear deformable plates by an RBF-pseudospectral method with an optimal shape parameter, 283-310 [Zbl 1323.74106]

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