Proceedings of neural, parallel, and scientific computations. Vol. 3. Papers based on the presentations at the 3rd international conference, Atlanta, GA, USA, August 09–12, 2006. (English) Zbl 1130.68011

Atlanta, GA: Dynamic Publishers (ISBN 1-890888-02-8/pbk). v, 300 p. (2006).

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Adeyeye, John O.; Stallard, Eric, A maximum likelihood method for fitting the embedded Markov chain in a multi-state method, 1-5 [Zbl 1143.62335]
Afuwape, Anthony Uyi, A frequency domain method for oscillations of a certain third order nonlinear differential system, 6-8 [Zbl 1140.34362]
Bashkirtseva, Irina, On computational analysis of stochastic attractors near chaos, 9-14 [Zbl 1147.37037]
Bawa, Rajesh K., On the convergence and parallelization of an initial value technique for a class of singularly perturbed problems, 15-19 [Zbl 1138.65059]
Bellamy, Michael; Mickens, Ronald E., An analysis of the Lev Ginzburg equation, 20-22 [Zbl 1140.34372]
Boettcher, Stefan, Theoretical and numerical studies of extremal optimization, 23-29 [Zbl 1138.90022]
Boykov, Ilya V., The parallel iterative methods for solution of integral equations with convolution, 30-36 [Zbl 1137.65446]
Cahlon, Baruch; Schmidt, Darrell, Algorithmics stability tests for certain high even order delay differential equations, 37-40 [Zbl 1140.34428]
Dezern, David H.; Pandit, Sudhakar G., Generalized monotone iterative techniques for integro-differential equations, 41-44 [Zbl 1137.65447]
Ding, Lixin; Yu, Jinghu, Some analysis about the time complexity of evolutionary algorithms, 45-53 [Zbl 1140.68427]
Zhu, Jianmin, Blow-up of solutions of semilinear parabolic equation with prescribed energy, 54-56 [Zbl 1140.35490]
Farahmand, K.; Sambandham, M.; Bozeman, R., On the average number of real zeros of random hyperbolic polynomials, 57-59 [Zbl 1136.60334]
Felfli, Z.; Sokolovski, D.; Watkins, L.; Ovchinnikov, S. Yu.; Macek, J. H.; Msezane, A. Z., Regge-Pole calculation of the resonance contribution to electron-atom cross sections, 60-63 [Zbl 1135.81364]
Feng, Gui-Liang; Cheng, Hong, A fast implementation of algorithms in public-key cryptology, 64-67 [Zbl 1138.68409]
Graef, John R.; Kong, Lingju, Solutions of multi-point boundary value problems of the second order, 68-72 [Zbl 1140.34309]
Grosan, Crina; Abraham, Ajith, A simple strategy for nonlinear optimization, 73-77 [Zbl 1138.90503]
Harris, James, Efficiently counting representations of finite posets, 78-81 [Zbl 1135.06300]
Jankowski, Tadeusz, Delay differential inequalities with initial time difference, 82-88 [Zbl 1137.45003]
Kanagawa, S.; Nohara, B. T.; Arimoto, A.; Tchizawa, K., Nonlinear Schrödinger equations for envelope functions induced from nearly bichromatic waves with random spectrums, 89-92 [Zbl 1138.35408]
Kannan, S. R.; Devi, T. Easwari, Mathematical approach for prediction of population rate of India, 100-108 [Zbl 1136.91583]
Konigsberg, Zvi Retchkiman, Integer factorization and twin primes verification algorithms, 109-112 [Zbl 1132.11370]
de Korvin, André; Sirisaengtaksin, Ongard, Time slice allocation: a fuzzy set approach, 113-118 [Zbl 1140.68340]
Kunkel, Curtis J., Singular second order boundary value problems for differential equations, 119-124 [Zbl 1140.34326]
Kurakin, Pavel V., Hypothesis of quantum as distributed parallel computations of matter, 125-129 [Zbl 1136.81339]
Li, Leong-kwan; Shao, S., A neural network approach for global optimization with applications to nonlinear least square problems, 130-134 [Zbl 1138.90504]
Li, Tak Sing; Wong, S. M., Solving the Motz problem with enriched radial basis functions, 135-139 [Zbl 1138.35314]
Li, Yaohang; Clark, Jason D.; Zhang, Xinyu, Parallel implementation of the accelerated simulated tempering method, 140-145 [Zbl 1138.90481]
Li, Yueqiao; Li, Chengjun; Kang, Lishan, An efficient evolvable LK algorithm to TSP, 146-150 [Zbl 1132.90386]
Lin, Guanming; Kang, Lishan; Chen, Yuping; Sarker, Ruhul, A self-adaptive evolutionary algorithm (SAEA) for solving nonlinear programming problems, 151-156 [Zbl 1175.90374]
Makhlouf, A.; Bouattia, Y., Limit cycles of Liénard system in the weak and strong regimes, 157-161 [Zbl 1147.34317]
Melton, Tanya G.; Vatsala, A. S., Generalized quasilinearization method and cubic convergence for integro-differential equations, 162-165 [Zbl 1137.65449]
Montenegro, R.; Montero, G.; Escobar, J. M.; Rodríguez, E.; González-Yuste, J. M., Applications of 3-D automatic triangulations for wind field simulation, 166-170 [Zbl 1255.76094]
Murty, U. Suryanarayan; Arora, Neelima, Application of data mining tools for the control of filariasis, 171-175 [Zbl 1135.92322]
Nasr, Saad K., Stable interative solutions of differential equations and a certain equation, 176-179 [Zbl 1137.65417]
Oyedeji, Kale; Mickens, Ronald E., A first-order averaging solution for the equation \(\ddot x+x=\epsilon(1-|x|)\mathrm{sign}(\dot x)\), 180-182 [Zbl 1132.34317]
Pandit, Sudhakar G., Generalized monotone iterative techniques for hyperbolic partial differential equations, 183-187 [Zbl 1137.65418]
Papanicolaou, N. C.; Nestoros, M.; Christofides, C., Numerical simulation of nonlinear photo thermal radiometry on silicon wafers using a Chebyshev Galerkin method, 188-192 [Zbl 1137.65413]
Pederson, Steven M., Homoclinic trajectories for fuzzy differential equations, 193-195 [Zbl 1140.34371]
Peng, Chuang, A study note on fuzzy elements and operations, 196-202 [Zbl 1135.03345]
Rahman, M., Markov versus Gaussian white noise in propagation of wave arising in mathematical neurosciences, 203-206 [Zbl 1255.60119]
Rucker, Sandra A., Approximate analytical solutions to the differential equation \(\ddot x+x^{1/5}=0\), 207-209 [Zbl 1137.65379]
Ryashko, Lev, On chaos via computation: prediction and control, 210-214 [Zbl 1141.93030]
Schurz, Heinz, On estimation of \(L^p\)-errors of Itô-Riemann-type numerical quadratures for stochastic integrals along Wiener paths, 221-225 [Zbl 1137.65312]
De la Sen, M.; Soto, J. C.; Malaina, J. L.; Gallego, A., Adaptive control of systems with varying delays, 226-236 [Zbl 1144.93016]
Sen, S. K., Revisiting integer program: complexity, arithmetic, basic variables, and scope, 237-242 [Zbl 1160.90595]
Sen, S. K.; Shaykhian, Gholam A., Genetic algorithm for optimization: preprocessing with \(n\) dimensional bisection and error estimation, 243-252 [Zbl 1138.90505]
Silva, Catarina; Ribeiro, Bernardete; Lotrič, Uroš, Fast decision SVM ensemble text classifier using cluster computing, 253-259 [Zbl 1146.68437]
Takano, Katsuo, On infinite divisibility of some probability distributions, 260-264 [Zbl 1139.60303]
Thuo, Gikiri, Importance sampling techniques for a European option, 265-268 [Zbl 1144.62349]
Wagholikar, Amol; Deer, Peter, A similarity-based approach for determination of monotonic set functions, 269-274 [Zbl 1144.68374]
Wollman, Stephen; Ozizmir, Ercument, A numerical method for the Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck system in two dimension, 275-278 [Zbl 1140.82025]
Wong, S. M.; Li, T. S., Meshless radial basis function with local Petrov-Galerkin method for solving boundary singular problems, 279-284 [Zbl 1137.65060]
Xu, Guanpeng; Sathananthan, Sivapragasam, Development, verification and validation of 3D Navier-Stokes methodology for GSMT mirror configuration, 285-291 [Zbl 1255.76100]
Yang, Bo, Positive solutions to a two-point second order boundary value problem, 292-294 [Zbl 1140.34340]
Fadiran, Oladipo O.; Molnár, Péter, Adaptive sampling based on distribution of function values: a genetic algorithm approach, 295-299 [Zbl 1144.62301]


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