Theory of cryptography. Fifth theory of cryptography conference, TCC 2008, New York, USA, March 19–21, 2008. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1130.94001

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4948. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-78524-8/pbk). xii, 645 p. (2008).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1115.94002).
Indexed articles:
Valiant, Paul, Incrementally verifiable computation or proofs of knowledge imply time/space efficiency, 1-18 [Zbl 1162.68448]
Halevi, Shai; Myers, Steven; Rackoff, Charles, On seed-incompressible functions, 19-36 [Zbl 1162.94364]
Lyubashevsky, Vadim; Micciancio, Daniele, Asymptotically efficient lattice-based digital signatures, 37-54 [Zbl 1162.94389]
Biham, Eli; Goren, Yaron J.; Ishai, Yuval, Basing weak public-key cryptography on strong one-way functions, 55-72 [Zbl 1162.94339]
Katz, Jonathan, Which languages have 4-round zero-knowledge proofs?, 73-88 [Zbl 1162.94372]
Malka, Lior, How to achieve perfect simulation and A complete problem for non-interactive perfect zero-knowledge, 89-106 [Zbl 1162.94390]
Kobayashi, Hirotada, General properties of quantum zero-knowledge proofs, 107-124 [Zbl 1162.94377]
Herzberg, Amir; Yoffe, Igal, The layered games framework for specifications and analysis of security protocols, 125-141 [Zbl 1162.94368]
Goyal, Vipul; Katz, Jonathan, Universally composable multi-party computation with an unreliable common reference string, 142-154 [Zbl 1162.94361]
Hazay, Carmit; Lindell, Yehuda, Efficient protocols for set intersection and pattern matching with security against malicious and covert adversaries, 155-175 [Zbl 1162.94367]
Kilian, Joe; Madeira, André; Strauss, Martin J.; Zheng, Xuan, Fast private norm estimation and heavy hitters, 176-193 [Zbl 1162.94375]
Beimel, Amos; Livne, Noam; Padró, Carles, Matroids can be far from ideal secret sharing, 194-212 [Zbl 1162.94337]
Beerliová-Trubíniová, Zuzana; Hirt, Martin, Perfectly-secure MPC with linear communication complexity, 213-230 [Zbl 1162.94336]
Beerliová-Trubíniová, Zuzana; Fitzi, Matthias; Hirt, Martin; Maurer, Ueli; Zikas, Vassilis, MPC vs. SFE: Perfect security in a unified corruption model, 231-250 [Zbl 1162.94335]
Katz, Jonathan, Bridging game theory and cryptography: Recent results and future directions, 251-272 [Zbl 1162.94373]
Izmalkov, Sergei; Lepinski, Matt; Micali, Silvio, Verifiably secure devices, 273-301 [Zbl 1162.94370]
Abraham, Ittai; Dolev, Danny; Halpern, Joseph Y., Lower bounds on implementing robust and resilient mediators, 302-319 [Zbl 1162.94332]
Kol, Gillat; Naor, Moni, Cryptography and game theory: designing protocols for exchanging information, 320-339 [Zbl 1162.94378]
Kiayias, Aggelos; Zhou, Hong-Sheng, Equivocal blind signatures and adaptive UC-security, 340-355 [Zbl 1162.94374]
Belenkiy, Mira; Chase, Melissa; Kohlweiss, Markulf; Lysyanskaya, Anna, P-signatures and noninteractive anonymous credentials, 356-374 [Zbl 1162.94338]
Fischlin, Marc; Lehmann, Anja, Multi-property preserving combiners for hash functions, 375-392 [Zbl 1162.94356]
Harnik, Danny; Ishai, Yuval; Kushilevitz, Eyal; Nielsen, Jesper Buus, OT-combiners via secure computation, 393-411 [Zbl 1162.94366]
Haitner, Iftach, Semi-honest to malicious oblivious transfer-the black-box way, 412-426 [Zbl 1162.94362]
Choi, Seung Geol; Dachman-Soled, Dana; Malkin, Tal; Wee, Hoeteck, Black-box construction of a non-malleable encryption scheme from any semantically secure one, 427-444 [Zbl 1162.94347]
Haitner, Iftach; Hoch, Jonathan J.; Segev, Gil, A linear lower bound on the communication complexity of single-server private information retrieval, 445-464 [Zbl 1162.94363]
Fehr, Serge; Schaffner, Christian, Randomness extraction via \(\delta \)-biased masking in the presence of a quantum Attacker, 465-481 [Zbl 1162.94355]
Ong, Shien Jin; Vadhan, Salil, An equivalence between zero knowledge and commitments, 482-500 [Zbl 1162.94395]
Chailloux, André; Ciocan, Dragos Florin; Kerenidis, Iordanis; Vadhan, Salil, Interactive and noninteractive zero knowledge are equivalent in the help model, 501-534 [Zbl 1162.94345]
Micciancio, Daniele; Yilek, Scott, The round-complexity of Black-box zero-knowledge: A combinatorial characterization, 535-552 [Zbl 1162.94392]
Pass, Rafael; Venkitasubramaniam, Muthuramakrishnan, On constant-round concurrent zero-knowledge, 553-570 [Zbl 1162.94396]
Lin, Huijia; Pass, Rafael; Venkitasubramaniam, Muthuramakrishnan, Concurrent non-malleable commitments from any one-way function, 571-588 [Zbl 1162.94383]
Gennaro, Rosario, Faster and shorter password-authenticated key exchange, 589-606 [Zbl 1162.94360]
Dedić, Nenad; Harnik, Danny; Reyzin, Leonid, Saving private randomness in one-way functions and pseudorandom generators, 607-625 [Zbl 1162.94351]
Halevi, Shai; Rabin, Tal, Degradation and amplification of computational hardness, 626-643 [Zbl 1162.94365]


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94A60 Cryptography
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