Construction of solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations in parametric form. (English. Russian original) Zbl 1131.35313

Differ. Equ. 43, No. 4, 507-512 (2007); translation from Differ. Uravn. 43, No. 4, 492-497 (2007).
From the introduction: In the present paper, we suggest a new method for constructing closed formulas for exact solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations. The algorithm is stated in conditional form under the assumption that all functions used in it exist and have the desired smoothness. Once a solution formula has been constructed, one can study all properties of the solution: smoothness, domain, and so on. Here we do not consider the problem of qualitative study of a solution; instead, we deal with an effective construction of the solution in a new way.


35C05 Solutions to PDEs in closed form
35K55 Nonlinear parabolic equations
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