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Advances in cryptology – CRYPTO 2005. 25th annual international cryptology conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 14–18, 2005. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1131.94006
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3621. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-28114-2/pbk). xi, 568 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1058.94002).
Indexed articles:
Wang, Xiaoyun; Yu, Hongbo; Yin, Yiqun Lisa, Efficient collision search attacks on SHA-0, 1-16 [Zbl 1145.94455]
Wang, Xiaoyun; Yin, Yiqun Lisa; Yu, Hongbo, Finding collisions in the full SHA-1, 17-36 [Zbl 1145.94454]
Dwork, Cynthia; Naor, Moni; Wee, Hoeteck, Pebbling and proofs of work, 37-54 [Zbl 1145.68427]
Pietrzak, Krzysztof, Composition does not imply adaptive security, 55-65 [Zbl 1143.94352]
Granger, R.; Vercauteren, F., On the discrete logarithm problem on algebraic tori, 66-85 [Zbl 1145.94442]
Myasnikov, Alexei; Shpilrain, Vladimir; Ushakov, Alexander, A practical attack on a braid group based cryptographic protocol, 86-96 [Zbl 1145.94448]
Lu, Yi; Meier, Willi; Vaudenay, Serge, The conditional correlation attack: A practical attack on Bluetooth encryption, 97-117 [Zbl 1145.94446]
Pass, Rafael; Shelat, Abhi, Unconditional characterizations of non-interactive zero-knowledge, 118-134 [Zbl 1145.94473]
Alwen, Joël; Persiano, Giuseppe; Visconti, Ivan, Impossibility and feasibility results for zero knowledge with public keys, 135-151 [Zbl 1145.94456]
Fischlin, Marc, Communication-efficient non-interactive proofs of knowledge with online extractors, 152-168 [Zbl 1145.94467]
Camenisch, Jan; Lysyanskaya, Anna, A formal treatment of onion routing, 169-187 [Zbl 1145.94460]
Peng, Kun; Boyd, Colin; Dawson, Ed, Simple and efficient shuffling with provable correctness and ZK privacy, 188-204 [Zbl 1145.94449]
Abdalla, Michel; Bellare, Mihir; Catalano, Dario; Kiltz, Eike; Kohno, Tadayoshi; Lange, Tanja; Malone-Lee, John; Neven, Gregory; Paillier, Pascal; Shi, Haixia, Searchable encryption revisited: Consistency properties, relation to anonymous IBE, and extensions, 205-222 [Zbl 1145.94430]
Ostrovsky, Rafail; Skeith, William E. III, Private searching on streaming data, 223-240 [Zbl 1145.94472]
Kissner, Lea; Song, Dawn, Privacy-preserving set operations, 241-257 [Zbl 1145.94471]
Boneh, Dan; Gentry, Craig; Waters, Brent, Collusion resistant broadcast encryption with short ciphertexts and private keys, 258-275 [Zbl 1145.94434]
Hwang, Jung Yeon; Lee, Dong Hoon; Lim, Jongin, Generic transformation for scalable broadcast encryption schemes, 276-292 [Zbl 1145.94444]
Juels, Ari; Weis, Stephen A., Authenticating pervasive devices with human protocols, 293-308 [Zbl 1145.94470]
Vaudenay, Serge, Secure communications over insecure channels based on short authenticated strings, 309-326 [Zbl 1145.94475]
Cramer, Ronald; Daza, Vanesa; Gracia, Ignacio; Jiménez-Urroz, Jorge; Leander, Gregor; Martí-Farré, Jaume; Padró, Carles, On codes, matroids and secure multi-party computation from linear secret sharing schemes, 327-343 [Zbl 1145.94462]
Cramer, Ronald; Fehr, Serge; Stam, Martijn, Black-box secret sharing from primitive sets in algebraic number fields, 344-360 [Zbl 1145.94463]
Barak, Boaz; Canetti, Ran; Lindell, Yehuda; Pass, Rafael; Rabin, Tal, Secure computation without authentication, 361-377 [Zbl 1145.94457]
Damgård, Ivan; Ishai, Yuval, Constant-round multiparty computation using a black-box pseudorandom generator, 378-394 [Zbl 1145.94437]
Barkol, Omer; Ishai, Yuval, Secure computation of constant-depth circuits with applications to database search problems, 395-411 [Zbl 1145.68396]
Boldyreva, Alexandra; Fischlin, Marc, Analysis of random oracle instantiation scenarios for OAEP and other practical schemes, 412-429 [Zbl 1145.94459]
Coron, Jean-Sébastien; Dodis, Yevgeniy; Malinaud, Cécile; Puniya, Prashant, Merkle-Damgård revisited: How to construct a hash function, 430-448 [Zbl 1145.94436]
Dodis, Yevgeniy; Oliveira, Roberto; Pietrzak, Krzysztof, On the generic insecurity of the full domain hash, 449-466 [Zbl 1145.94440]
Wolf, Stefan; Wullschleger, Jürg, New monotones and lower bounds in unconditional two-party computation, 467-477 [Zbl 1145.94476]
Holenstein, Thomas; Renner, Renato, One-way secret-key agreement and applications to circuit polarization and immunization of public-key encryption, 478-493 [Zbl 1145.94443]
Damgård, Ivan; Pedersen, Thomas Brochmann; Salvail, Louis, A quantum cipher with near optimal key-recycling, 494-510 [Zbl 1145.94438]
Chevallier-Mames, Benoît, An efficient CDH-based signature scheme with a tight security reduction, 511-526 [Zbl 1145.94461]
Bellare, Mihir; Pietrzak, Krzysztof; Rogaway, Phillip, Improved security analyses for CBC MACs, 527-545 [Zbl 1145.94432]
Krawczyk, Hugo, HMQV: A high-performance secure Diffie-Hellman protocol. (Extended abstract), 546-566 [Zbl 1145.94445]

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