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Granular computing: At the junction of rough sets and fuzzy sets. Several papers based on the presentations at the 1st international symposium of fuzzy and rough sets (ISFUROS 2006), Santa Clara, Cuba, December 5–8, 2006. (English) Zbl 1132.68003
Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing 224. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-76972-9/hbk). xvi, 335 p. (2008).

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Indexed articles:
Kudo, Yasuo; Murai, Tetsuya, Missing value semantics and absent value semantics for incomplete information in object-oriented rough set models, 3-21 [Zbl 1144.68378]
Coppola, Cristina; Gerla, Giangiacomo; Pacelli, Tiziana, Similarities for crisp and fuzzy probabilistic expert systems, 23-42 [Zbl 1145.68543]
Arslan, Serdar; Yazici, Adnan, An efficient image retrieval system using ordered weighted aggregation, 43-54 [Zbl 1145.68402]
Cattanaeo, Gianpiero; Ciucci, Davide; Bianucci, Daniela, Entropy and co-entropy of partitions and coverings with applications to roughness theory, 55-77 [Zbl 1145.68539]
Suraj, Zbigniew; Grochowalski, Piotr, Patterns of collaboration in rough set research, 79-92 [Zbl 1148.68457]
Steinbrecher, Matthias; Kruse, Rudolf, Visualization of local dependencies of possibilistic network structures, 93-104 [Zbl 1145.68401]
Calegari, Silvia; Radaelli, Paolo; Ciucci, Davide, Two fuzzy-set models for the semantics of linguistic negations, 105-120 [Zbl 1145.68551]
Amaral, Wanessa; Gomide, Fernando, A coevolutionary approach to solve fuzzy games, 121-130 [Zbl 1136.91314]
Jeon, Gwanggil; Falcón, Rafael; Jeong, Jechang, Rough set approach to video deinterlacing systems, 131-147 [Zbl 1145.68567]
Rodríguez, Yanet; Falcón, Rafael; Varela, Alain; García, María M., Learning membership functions for an associative fuzzy neural network, 151-161 [Zbl 1145.68496]
Martínez, Boris; Herrera, Francisco; Fernández, Jesús; Marichal, Erick, An incremental clustering method and its application in online fuzzy modeling, 163-178 [Zbl 1145.68492]
Soto, Andrés; Olivas, José A.; Prieto, Manuel E., Fuzzy approach of synonymy and polysemy for information retrieval, 179-198 [Zbl 1145.68408]
Caballero, Yailé; Bello, Rafael; Arco, Leticia; Márquez, Yennely; León, Pedro; García, María M.; Casas, Gladys, Rough set theory measures for quality assessment of a training set, 199-210 [Zbl 1145.68479]
Arco, Leticia; Bello, Rafael; Caballero, Yailé; Falcón, Rafael, Rough text assisting text mining: focus on document clustering validity, 229-248 [Zbl 1145.68544]
Sugihara, Kazutomi; Tanaka, Hideo, Rough set approach to information systems with interval decision values in evaluation problems, 261-267 [Zbl 1145.68546]
Jeon, Gwanggil; Falcón, Rafael; Jeon, Jechang, Fuzzy rule-based direction-oriented resampling algorithm in high definition display, 269-285 [Zbl 1145.68566]
Johnson, Julia; Johnson, Genevieve, RSGUI with reverse prediction algorithm, 287-306 [Zbl 1145.68576]
Hernandes, Fábio; Lamata, Maria Teresa; Verdegay, José Luis; Yamakami, Akebo, An algorithm for the shortest path problem on a network with fuzzy parameters applied to a tourist problem, 307-320 [Zbl 1148.68573]
Mendoza, Mercedes Ramírez; Albertos, Pedro, PID control with fuzzy adaption of a metallurgical furnace, 321-332 [Zbl 1147.93359]

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03E72 Theory of fuzzy sets, etc.
68T05 Learning and adaptive systems in artificial intelligence
68T30 Knowledge representation
68T37 Reasoning under uncertainty in the context of artificial intelligence
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