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Verification, model checking, and abstract interpretation. 9th international conference, VMCAI 2008, San Francisco, USA, January 7–9, 2008. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1134.68006
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4905. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-78162-2/pbk). x, 325 p. (2008).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1131.68006).
Indexed articles:
Bagnara, Roberto; Hill, Patricia M.; Zaffanella, Enea, An improved tight closure algorithm for integer octagonal constraints, 8-21 [Zbl 1138.68474]
Abdulla, Parosh Aziz; Ben Henda, Noomene; Delzanno, Giorgio; Rezine, Ahmed, Handling parameterized systems with non-atomic global conditions, 22-36 [Zbl 1138.68436]
Bouissou, Olivier; Martel, Matthieu, Abstract interpretation of the physical inputs of embedded programs, 37-51 [Zbl 1138.68358]
Cimatti, A.; Roveri, M.; Schuppan, V.; Tchaltsev, A., Diagnostic information for realizability, 52-67 [Zbl 1138.68442]
D’Silva, Vijay; Purandare, Mitra; Kroening, Daniel, Approximation refinement for interpolation-based model checking, 68-82 [Zbl 1138.68444]
Danos, Vincent; Feret, Jérôme; Fontana, Walter; Krivine, Jean, Abstract interpretation of cellular signalling networks, 83-97 [Zbl 1138.68650]
Dimitrova, Rayna; Podelski, Andreas, Is lazy abstraction a decision procedure for broadcast protocols?, 98-111 [Zbl 1138.68445]
Fecher, Harald; Huth, Michael, Model checking for action abstraction, 112-126 [Zbl 1138.68447]
Goldberg, Eugene, On bridging simulation and formal verification, 127-141 [Zbl 1138.68449]
Groce, Alex; Joshi, Rajeev, Extending model checking with dynamic analysis, 142-156 [Zbl 1138.68450]
Mastroeni, Isabella, Deriving bisimulations by simplifying partitions, 157-171 [Zbl 1138.68453]
Méndez-Lojo, Mario; Hermenegildo, Manuel V., Precise set sharing analysis for Java-style programs, 172-187 [Zbl 1138.68354]
Moy, Yannick, Sufficient preconditions for modular assertion checking, 188-202 [Zbl 1138.68455]
Nguyen, Huu Hai; Kuncak, Viktor; Chin, Wei-Ngan, Runtime checking for separation logic, 203-217 [Zbl 1138.68456]
Piskac, Ruzica; Kuncak, Viktor, Decision procedures for multisets with cardinality constraints, 218-232 [Zbl 1138.68528]
Pnueli, Amir; Sa’ar, Yaniv, All you need is compassion, 233-247 [Zbl 1138.68457]
Ranzato, Francesco; Doria, Olivia Rossi; Tapparo, Francesco, A forward-backward abstraction refinement algorithm, 248-262 [Zbl 1138.68458]
Schmidt, David A., Internal and external logics of abstract interpretations, 263-278 [Zbl 1138.68362]
Morgenstern, Andreas; Schneider, Klaus, From LTL to symbolically represented deterministic automata, 279-293 [Zbl 1138.68454]
Sistla, A. Prasad; Srinivas, Abhigna R., Monitoring temporal properties of stochastic systems, 294-308 [Zbl 1138.68470]
Sohail, Saqib; Somenzi, Fabio; Ravi, Kavita, A hybrid algorithm for LTL games, 309-323 [Zbl 1138.68459]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68Q60 Specification and verification (program logics, model checking, etc.)
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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