The Zieschang memorial. (The Zieschang Gedenkschrift.) (English) Zbl 1135.00012

Geometry and Topology Monographs 14. Coventry: Geometry & Topology Publications. 567 p. (2008).

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Indexed articles:
Abhau, Jochen; Bödigheimer, Carl-Friedrich; Ehrenfried, Ralf, Homology of the mapping class group \(\Gamma _{2,1}\) for surfaces of genus 2 with a boundary curve, 1-25 [Zbl 1139.57021]
Bauval, Anne; Gonçalves, Daciberg L.; Hayat, Claude; De Paula Leite Mello, Maria Hermínia, A classification of special 2-fold coverings, 27-47 [Zbl 1146.57039]
Bogatyi, Semeon; Fricke, Jan; Kudryavtseva, Elena, On multiplicity of mappings between surfaces, 49-62 [Zbl 1145.55001]
Bogopolski, Oleg; Sviridov, Konstantin, A Magnus theorem for some one-relator groups., 63-73 [Zbl 1151.20025]
Boileau, Michel; Boyer, Steve; Wang, Shicheng, Roots of torsion polynomials and dominations, 75-81 [Zbl 1146.57015]
Boileau, Michel; Paoluzzi, Luisa; Zimmermann, Bruno, A characterisation of \(\mathbb S^3\) among homology spheres, 83-103 [Zbl 1161.57008]
Boileau, Michel; Weidmann, Richard, On invertible generating pairs of fundamental groups of graph manifolds, 105-128 [Zbl 1181.57001]
Bridson, Martin R., A condition that prevents groups from acting nontrivially on trees., 129-133 [Zbl 1151.20018]
Collins, Donald J., Intersections of conjugates of Magnus subgroups of one-relator groups., 135-171 [Zbl 1185.20035]
Cooper, Daryl; Porti, Joan, Non compact Euclidean cone 3-manifolds with cone angles less than \(2\pi \), 173-192 [Zbl 1146.57028]
Frolkina, Olga, Minimizing the number of Nielsen preimage classes, 193-217 [Zbl 1157.55001]
Gonçalves, Daciberg L.; Kudryavtseva, Elena; Zieschang, Heiner, Some quadratic equations in the free group of rank 2., 219-294 [Zbl 1140.20024]
Hog-Angeloni, C.; Matveev, S., Roots in 3-manifold topology, 295-319 [Zbl 1145.57017]
Jäger, André; Lustig, Martin, Free group automorphisms with many fixed points at infinity., 321-333 [Zbl 1140.20027]
Kapovich, Michael; Potyagailo, Leonid; Vinberg, Ernest, Noncoherence of some lattices in \(\mathrm{Isom}(\mathbb H^n)\), 335-351 [Zbl 1139.22007]
Kawauchi, Akio, The first Alexander \(\mathbb Z[\mathbb Z]\)-modules of surface-links and of virtual links, 353-371 [Zbl 1146.57037]
Koschorke, Ulrich, Minimizing coincidence numbers of maps into projective spaces, 373-391 [Zbl 1158.55002]
Mecchia, Mattia, Finite groups acting on 3-manifolds and cyclic branched coverings of knots, 393-416 [Zbl 1145.57015]
Ohtsuki, Tomotada; Riley, Robert; Sakuma, Makoto, Epimorphisms between 2-bridge link groups, 417-450 [Zbl 1146.57011]
Scharlemann, Martin, Refilling meridians in a genus 2 handlebody complement, 451-475 [Zbl 1177.57019]
Singhof, Wilhelm; Vogt, Elmar, Tangential LS-category of \(K(\pi ,1)\)-foliations, 477-504 [Zbl 1194.57034]
Souto, Juan, The rank of the fundamental group of certain hyperbolic 3-manifolds fibering over the circle, 505-518 [Zbl 1144.57017]
Tomoda, Satoshi; Zvengrowski, Peter, Remarks on the cohomology of finite fundamental groups of 3-manifolds, 519-556 [Zbl 1201.57001]
Vdovina, Alina, On the number of optimal surfaces, 557-567 [Zbl 1138.53037]


00B30 Festschriften
57-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to manifolds and cell complexes

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