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Integration of AI and OR techniques in constraint programming for combinatorial optimization problems. 5th international conference, CPAIOR 2008 Paris, France, May 20–23, 2008. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1136.68010
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5015. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-68154-0/pbk). xii, 394 p. (2008).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1120.68010).
Indexed articles:
Achterberg, Tobias; Berthold, Timo; Koch, Thorsten; Wolter, Kati, Constraint integer programming: A new approach to integrate CP and MIP, 6-20 [Zbl 1142.68504]
Beldiceanu, Nicolas; Carlsson, Mats; Poder, Emmanuel, New filtering for the cumulative constraint in the context of non-overlapping rectangles, 21-35 [Zbl 1142.68505]
Benini, Luca; Lombardi, Michele; Mantovani, Marco; Milano, Michela; Ruggiero, Martino, Multi-stage Benders decomposition for optimizing multicore architectures, 36-50 [Zbl 1142.68506]
Cambazard, Hadrien; Horan, John; O’Mahony, Eoin; O’Sullivan, Barry, Fast and scalable domino portrait generation, 51-65 [Zbl 1142.68507]
Dooms, Grégoire; Van Hentenryck, Pascal, Gap reduction techniques for online stochastic project scheduling, 66-81 [Zbl 1142.90508]
Fukunaga, Alex S., Integrating symmetry, dominance, and bound-and-bound in a multiple knapsack solver, 82-96 [Zbl 1142.90501]
Grohe, Birgit; Wedelin, Dag, Cost propagation – numerical propagation for optimization problems, 97-111 [Zbl 1142.90472]
Heckman, Ivan; Beck, J. Christopher, Fitness-distance correlation and solution-guided multi-point constructive search for CSPs, 112-126 [Zbl 1142.68512]
Kroc, Lukas; Sabharwal, Ashish; Selman, Bart, Leveraging belief propagation, backtrack search, and statistics for model counting, 127-141 [Zbl 1142.68517]
Leventhal, Daniel H.; Sellmann, Meinolf, The accuracy of search heuristics: An empirical study on knapsack problems, 142-157 [Zbl 1142.68519]
Mears, Christopher; Garcia de la Banda, Maria; Wallace, Mark; Demoen, Bart, A novel approach for detecting symmetries in CSP models, 158-172 [Zbl 1142.68520]
Mercier, Luc; Van Hentenryck, Pascal, Amsaa: A multistep anticipatory algorithm for online stochastic combinatorial optimization, 173-187 [Zbl 1142.90478]
Pesant, Gilles; Quimper, Claude-Guy, Counting solutions of knapsack constraints, 203-217 [Zbl 1142.68521]
Puchinger, Jakob; Stuckey, Peter J.; Wallace, Mark; Brand, Sebastian, From high-level model to branch-and-price solution in G12, 218-232 [Zbl 1142.90503]
Régin, Jean-Charles, Simpler and incremental consistency checking and arc consistency filtering algorithms for the weighted spanning tree constraint, 233-247 [Zbl 1142.68523]
Teige, Tino; Fränzle, Martin, Stochastic satisfiability modulo theories for non-linear arithmetic, 248-262 [Zbl 1142.68525]
Watson, Jean-Paul; Beck, J. Christopher, A hybrid constraint programming / local search approach to the job-shop scheduling problem, 263-277 [Zbl 1142.68527]
Achterberg, Tobias; Heinz, Stefan; Koch, Thorsten, Counting solutions of integer programs using unrestricted subtree detection, 278-282 [Zbl 1142.90453]
Altner, Doug; Ergun, Özlem, Rapidly solving an online sequence of maximum flow problems with extensions to computing robust minimum cuts, 283-287 [Zbl 1142.90493]
Galinier, Philippe; Hertz, Alain; Paroz, Sandrine; Pesant, Gilles, Using local search to speed up filtering algorithms for some NP-hard constraints, 298-302 [Zbl 1142.68511]
Katsirelos, George; Narodytska, Nina; Walsh, Toby, The weighted CFG constraint, 323-327 [Zbl 1142.68515]
Khichane, Madjid; Albert, Patrick; Solnon, Christine, CP with ACO, 328-332 [Zbl 1142.68516]
Lau, Hoong Chuin; Lye, Kong Wei; Nguyen, Viet Bang, A combinatorial auction framework for solving decentralized scheduling problems (extended abstract), 333-337 [Zbl 1142.90405]
Namazifar, Mahdi; Miller, Andrew J., A parallel macro partitioning framework for solving mixed integer programs, 343-348 [Zbl 1142.90455]
Sellmann, Meinolf, The polytope of tree-structured binary constraint satisfaction problems, 367-371 [Zbl 1142.90505]
Truchet, Charlotte; Christie, Marc; Normand, Jean-Marie, A tabu search method for interval constraints, 372-376 [Zbl 1142.68526]
van Hoeve, Willem-Jan; Sabharwal, Ashish, Filtering atmost1 on pairs of set variables, 382-386 [Zbl 1142.68530]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68T20 Problem solving in the context of artificial intelligence (heuristics, search strategies, etc.)
90C27 Combinatorial optimization
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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