Introducing the mini-DML project. (English) Zbl 1137.00308

Becker, Hans (ed.) et al., New developments in electronic publishing of mathematics. Joint proceedings of the ECM 4 satellite conference on electronic publishing at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, June 25–27, 2004 and the special session on electronic publications at the joint AMS-SMM international meeting, Houston, TX, USA, May 13, 2004. Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen: FIZ Karlsruhe (ISBN 3-88127-107-4). 19-29 (2005).
Summary: At the Göttingen meeting of the Digital Mathematical Library project (DML), in May 2004, the issue was raised that discovery and seamless access to the available digitised literature was still a task to be accomplished. The ambitious project of a comprehensive registry of all ongoing digitisation activities in the field of mathematical research literature was agreed upon, as well as the further investigation of many linking options to ease user’s life. However, given the scope of those projects, their benefis can’t be expected too soon. Between the hope of a comprehensive DML with many efficient entry points and the actual dissemination of heterogeneous partial lists of available material, there is a path towards multiple distributed databases allowing integrated search, metadata exchange and powerful interlinking. The mini-DML project, initiated by Cellule MathDoc, is a prototypal implementation of this vision. We will briefly discuss its roots, definition, and outline a proposal of good practice in metadata exposure and retrieval, as a mean to turn it (and its expected companion competitors) into a useful service.
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