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Formal modeling and analysis of timed systems. 4th international conference, FORMATS 2006, Paris, France, September 25–27, 2006. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1137.68001
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4202. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-45026-9/pbk). xi, 369 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1097.68008).
Indexed articles:
Henzinger, Thomas A.; Prabhu, Vinayak S., Timed alternating-time temporal logic, 1-17 [Zbl 1142.68049]
Lee, Edward A., Concurrent semantics without the notions of state or state transitions, 18-31 [Zbl 1141.68510]
Rabinovich, Alexander, Decidability and expressive power of real time logics, 32 [Zbl 1140.03304]
Aljazzar, Husain; Leue, Stefan, Extended directed search for probabilistic timed reachability, 33-51 [Zbl 1141.68449]
Bérard, Béatrice; Gastin, Paul; Petit, Antoine, Intersection of regular signal-event (timed) languages, 52-66 [Zbl 1141.68424]
Bérard, Béatrice; Gastin, Paul; Petit, Antoine, Refinements and abstractions of signal-event (timed) languages, 67-81 [Zbl 1141.68425]
Berthomieu, Bernard; Peres, Florent; Vernadat, François, Bridging the gap between timed automata and bounded time Petri nets, 82-97 [Zbl 1141.68426]
Chandrasekaran, Prakash; Mukund, Madhavan, Matching scenarios with timing constraints, 98-112 [Zbl 1141.68458]
Chevallier, Remy; Encrenaz-Tiphène, Emmanuelle; Fribourg, Laurent; Xu, Weiwen, Verification of the generic architecture of a memory circuit using parametric timed automata, 113-127 [Zbl 1141.68460]
David, Alexandre; Håkansson, John; Larsen, Kim G.; Pettersson, Paul, Model checking timed automata with priorities using DBM subtraction, 128-142 [Zbl 1141.68462]
Daws, Conrado; Kordy, Piotr, Symbolic robustness analysis of timed automata, 143-155 [Zbl 1141.68429]
Duguid, Adam, Coping with the parallelism of bittorrent: Conversion of PEPA to ODEs in dealing with state space explosion, 156-170 [Zbl 1141.68503]
Fainekos, Georgios E.; Girard, Antoine; Pappas, George J., Temporal logic verification using simulation, 171-186 [Zbl 1141.68463]
Finkel, Olivier, Undecidable problems about timed automata, 187-199 [Zbl 1141.68433]
Frehse, Goran, On timed simulation relations for hybrid systems and compositionality, 200-214 [Zbl 1141.68434]
Furia, Carlo A.; Rossi, Matteo, Integrating discrete- and continuous-time metric temporal logics through sampling, 215-229 [Zbl 1141.68465]
Haddad, Serge; Recalde, Laura; Silva, Manuel, On the computational power of timed differentiable Petri nets, 230-244 [Zbl 1141.68508]
Laroussinie, François; Markey, Nicolas; Oreiby, Ghassan, Model-checking timed ATL for durational concurrent game structures, 245-259 [Zbl 1141.68474]
Lodaya, Kamal; Pandya, Paritosh K., A dose of timed logic, in guarded measure, 260-273 [Zbl 1141.03310]
Maler, Oded; Nickovic, Dejan; Pnueli, Amir, From MITL to timed automata, 274-289 [Zbl 1141.68436]
Niebert, Peter; Qu, Hongyang, Adding invariants to event zone automata, 290-305 [Zbl 1141.68437]
Pace, Gordon; Schneider, Gerardo, Static analysis for state-space reduction of polygonal hybrid systems, 306-321 [Zbl 1141.68438]
Prabhakar, Pavithra; D’Souza, Deepak, On the expressiveness of MTL with past operators, 322-336 [Zbl 1141.03311]
Vasilyev, Pavel, Simulator for real-time abstract state machines, 337-351 [Zbl 1141.68440]
Wolovick, Nicolás; Johr, Sven, A characterization of meaningful schedulers for continuous-time Markov decision processes, 352-367 [Zbl 1141.68517]

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