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Principles and practice of constraint programming – CP 2004. 10th international conference, CP 2004, Toronto, Canada, September 27–October 1, 2004. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1139.68008
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3258. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-23241-4/pbk). xvii, 822 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1024.00062).
Indexed articles:
Selman, Bart, Algorithmic adventures at the interface of computer science, statistical physics, and combinatorics. (Extended abstract), 9-12 [Zbl 1152.68585]
Gao, Yong; Culberson, Joseph, Consistency and random constraint satisfaction models with a high constraint tightness, 17-31 [Zbl 1152.68552]
Gomes, Carla P.; Fernández, Cèsar; Selman, Bart; Bessiere, Christian, Statistical regimes across constrainedness regions, 32-46 [Zbl 1152.68555]
Van Hentenryck, Pascal; Michel, Laurent; Liu, Liyuan, Constraint-based combinators for local search, 47-61 [Zbl 1152.68589]
Vilím, Petr; Barták, Roman; Čepek, Ondřej, Unary resource constraint with optional activities, 62-76 [Zbl 1152.68590]
Atserias, Albert; Kolaitis, Phokion G.; Vardi, Moshe Y., Constraint propagation as a proof system, 77-91 [Zbl 1152.68537]
Beck, J. Christopher; Carchrae, Tom; Freuder, Eugene C.; Ringwelski, Georg, Backtrack-free search for real-time constraint satisfaction, 92-106 [Zbl 1152.68538]
Beldiceanu, Nicolas; Carlsson, Mats; Petit, Thierry, Deriving filtering algorithms from constraint checkers, 107-122 [Zbl 1152.68539]
Bessiere, Christian; Coletta, Remi; Freuder, Eugene C.; O’Sullivan, Barry, Leveraging the learning power of examples in automated constraint acquisition, 123-137 [Zbl 1152.68540]
Bessiere, Christian; Hebrard, Emmanuel; Hnich, Brahim; Walsh, Toby, Disjoint, partition and intersection constraints for set and multiset variables, 138-152 [Zbl 1152.68541]
Cambazard, Hadrien; Hladik, Pierre-Emmanuel; Déplanche, Anne-Marie; Jussien, Narendra; Trinquet, Yvon, Decomposition and learning for a hard real time task allocation problem, 153-167 [Zbl 1152.68545]
Chen, Hubie, Quantified constraint satisfaction and 2-semilattice polymorphisms, 168-181 [Zbl 1152.68546]
Chen, Hubie; Dalmau, Víctor, (Smart) look-ahead arc consistency and the pursuit of CSP tractability, 182-196 [Zbl 1152.68547]
Cicirello, Vincent A.; Smith, Stephen F., Heuristic selection for stochastic search optimization: Modeling solution quality by extreme value theory, 197-211 [Zbl 1152.68548]
Cohen, David; Cooper, Martin; Jeavons, Peter, A complete characterization of complexity for Boolean constraint optimization problems, 212-226 [Zbl 1152.68549]
Flener, Pierre; Pearson, Justin; Reyna, Luis G., Financial portfolio optimisation, 227-241 [Zbl 1152.91510]
Frank, Jeremy, Bounding the resource availability of partially ordered events with constant resource impact, 242-259 [Zbl 1152.68551]
Giunchiglia, Enrico; Narizzano, Massimo; Tacchella, Armando, Monotone literals and learning in QBF reasoning, 260-273 [Zbl 1152.68554]
Gomes, Carla; Sellmann, Meinolf, Streamlined constraint reasoning, 274-289 [Zbl 1152.68556]
Hellsten, Lars; Pesant, Gilles; van Beek, Peter, A domain consistency algorithm for the stretch constraint, 290-304 [Zbl 1152.68557]
Hooker, John N., A hybrid method for planning and scheduling, 305-316 [Zbl 1152.90445]
Kask, Kalev; Dechter, Rina; Gogate, Vibhav, Counting-based look-ahead schemes for constraint satisfaction, 317-331 [Zbl 1152.68560]
Kovács, András; Váncza, József, Completable partial solutions in constraint programming and constraint-based scheduling, 332-346 [Zbl 1152.68561]
Lagoon, Vitaly; Stuckey, Peter J., Set domain propagation using ROBDDs, 347-361 [Zbl 1152.68562]
Law, Yat Chiu; Lee, Jimmy H. M., Global constraints for integer and set value precedence, 362-376 [Zbl 1152.68563]
Leahu, Lucian; Gomes, Carla P., Quality of LP-based approximations for highly combinatorial problems, 377-392 [Zbl 1152.68564]
Mamoulis, Nikos; Stergiou, Kostas, Constraint satisfaction in semi-structured data graphs, 393-407 [Zbl 1152.68565]
Morris, Paul; Morris, Robert; Khatib, Lina; Ramakrishnan, Sailesh; Bachmann, Andrew, Strategies for global optimization of temporal preferences, 408-422 [Zbl 1152.68567]
Neveu, Bertrand; Trombettoni, Gilles; Glover, Fred, ID Walk: A candidate list strategy with a simple diversification device, 423-437 [Zbl 1152.68568]
Nudelman, Eugene; Leyton-Brown, Kevin; Hoos, Holger H.; Devkar, Alex; Shoham, Yoav, Understanding random SAT: Beyond the clauses-to-variables ratio, 438-452 [Zbl 1152.68569]
Pan, Guoqiang; Vardi, Moshe Y., Symbolic decision procedures for QBF, 453-467 [Zbl 1152.68570]
Perron, Laurent; Shaw, Paul; Furnon, Vincent, Propagation guided large neighborhood search, 468-481 [Zbl 1152.68572]
Pesant, Gilles, A regular language membership constraint for finite sequences of variables, 482-495 [Zbl 1152.68573]
Policella, Nicola; Oddi, Angelo; Smith, Stephen F.; Cesta, Amedeo, Generating robust partial order schedules, 496-511 [Zbl 1152.90460]
Prestwich, Steven, Full dynamic substitutability by SAT encoding, 512-526 [Zbl 1152.68574]
Puget, Jean-Francois, Improved bound computation in presence of several clique constraints, 527-541 [Zbl 1152.68575]
Quimper, Claude-Guy; López-Ortiz, Alejandro; van Beek, Peter; Golynski, Alexander, Improved algorithms for the global cardinality constraint, 542-556 [Zbl 1152.68576]
Refalo, Philippe, Impact-based search strategies for constraint programming, 557-571 [Zbl 1152.68577]
Régin, Jean-Charles; Gomes, Carla, The cardinality matrix constraint, 572-587 [Zbl 1152.68578]
Rossi, Francesca; Venable, Kristen Brent; Yorke-Smith, Neil, Controllability of soft temporal constraint problems, 588-603 [Zbl 1152.68579]
Sadler, Andrew; Gervet, Carmen, Hybrid set domains to strengthen constraint propagation and reduce symmetries, 604-618 [Zbl 1152.68581]
Schulte, Christian; Stuckey, Peter J., Speeding up constraint propagation, 619-633 [Zbl 1152.68583]
Sellmann, Meinolf, Theoretical foundations of CP-based Lagrangian relaxation, 634-647 [Zbl 1152.68584]
Shaw, Paul, A constraint for bin packing, 648-662 [Zbl 1152.68586]
Thiffault, Christian; Bacchus, Fahiem; Walsh, Toby, Solving non-clausal formulas with DPLL search, 663-678 [Zbl 1152.68588]
van Hoeve, Willem Jan, A hyper-arc consistency algorithm for the soft alldifferent constraint, 679-689 [Zbl 1152.68595]
Xing, Zhao; Zhang, Weixiong, Efficient strategies for (weighted) maximum satisfiability, 690-705 [Zbl 1152.68591]
Bessiere, Christian; Hebrard, Emmanuel; Hnich, Brahim; Walsh, Toby, The tractability of global constraints, 716-720 [Zbl 1152.68542]
Boussemart, Frederic; Hemery, Fred; Lecoutre, Christophe; Sais, Lakhdar, Support inference for generic filtering, 721-725 [Zbl 1152.68543]
Cronholm, Wilhelm; Ajili, Farid, Strong cost-based filtering for Lagrange decomposition applied to network design, 726-730 [Zbl 1152.90354]
Dechter, Rina; Mateescu, Robert, The impact of AND/OR search spaces on constraint satisfaction and counting, 731-736 [Zbl 1152.68550]
Huang, Xiaofei, A general extension of constraint propagation for constraint optimization, 737-741 [Zbl 1152.68558]
Jia, Haixia; Moore, Cristopher, How much backtracking does it take to color random graphs? Rigorous results on heavy tails, 742-746 [Zbl 1152.68559]
Lim, Andrew; Rodrigues, Brian; Xu, Zhou, Solving the crane scheduling problem using intelligent search schemes. (Extended abstract), 747-751 [Zbl 1152.90454]
Mamoulis, Nikos; Stergiou, Kostas, Algorithms for quantified constraint satisfaction problems, 752-756 [Zbl 1152.68566]
Sánchez, Martí; Meseguer, Pedro; Larrosa, Javier, Improving the applicability of adaptive consistency: Preliminary results, 757-761 [Zbl 1152.68582]
Sachenbacher, Martin; Williams, Brian C., On-demand bound computation for best-first constraint optimization, 762-766 [Zbl 1152.68580]
Surynek, Pavel; Barták, Roman, A new algorithm for maintaining arc consistency after constraint retraction, 767-771 [Zbl 1152.68587]
van Dongen, Marc R. C., Computing the frequency of partial orders, 772-776 [Zbl 1152.68594]
Zhang, Yuanlin, On tightness of constraints, 777-781 [Zbl 1152.68592]
Zivan, Roie; Meisels, Amnon, Concurrent dynamic backtracking for distributed CSPs, 782-787 [Zbl 1152.68593]

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