Variational methods in partially ordered spaces. (English) Zbl 1140.90007

CMS Books in Mathematics/Ouvrages de Mathématiques de la SMC 17. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 0-387-00452-1/hbk). xi, 350 p. (2003).
Publisher’s description: In mathematical modeling of processes one often encounters optimization problems involving more than one objective function, so that Multiobjective Optimization (or Vector Optimization) has received new impetus. The growing interest in multiobjective problems, both from the theoretical point of view and as it concerns applications to real problems, asks for a general scheme which embraces several existing developments and stimulates new ones. In this book the authors provide the newest results and applications of this quickly growing field. This book will be of interest to graduate students in mathematics, economics, and engineering, as well as researchers in pure and applied mathematics, economics, engineering, geography, and town planning. A sound knowledge of linear algebra and introductory real analysis should provide readers with sufficient background for this book.


90-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to operations research and mathematical programming
46N10 Applications of functional analysis in optimization, convex analysis, mathematical programming, economics
90C29 Multi-objective and goal programming
90C48 Programming in abstract spaces
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