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Modern sliding mode control theory. New perspectives and applications. (English) Zbl 1140.93005
Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 375. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-79015-0/pbk). xx, 465 p. (2008).

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Indexed articles:
Bartolini, Giorgio; Punta, Elisabetta; Zolezzi, Tullio, Regularization of second order sliding mode control systems, 3-21 [Zbl 1144.93011]
Boiko, Igor; Fridman, Leonid; Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, Elio, A comprehensive analysis of chattering in second order sliding mode control systems, 23-49 [Zbl 1144.93021]
Boiko, Igor, Analysis of closed-loop performance and frequency-domain design of compensating filters for sliding mode control systems, 51-70 [Zbl 1144.93020]
Levant, Arie; Alelishvili, Lela, Discontinuous homogeneous control, 71-95 [Zbl 1145.93025]
Pan, Yaodong; Furuta, Katsuhisa, Second-order sliding sector for variable structure control, 97-118 [Zbl 1146.93318]
Galias, Zbigniew; Yu, Xinghuo, On Euler’s discretization of sliding mode control systems with relative degree restriction, 119-133 [Zbl 1145.93013]
Edwards, Christopher; Floquet, Thierry; Spurgeon, Sarah, Circumventing the relative degree condition in sliding mode design, 137-158 [Zbl 1145.93417]
Baev, Simon; Shtessel, Yuri B.; Shkolnikov, Ilia, HOSM driven output tracking in the nonminimum-phase causal nonlinear systems, 159-177 [Zbl 1145.93348]
Chairez, Isaac; Poznyak, Alexander; Poznyak, Tatyana, High order sliding mode neurocontrol for uncertain nonlinear SISO systems: theory and applications, 179-200 [Zbl 1145.93016]
Ramírez, Hebertt Sira; Battle, Vicente Feliu, A generalized PI sliding mode and PWM control of switched fractional systems, 201-221 [Zbl 1162.93350]
Ferrara, Antonella; Giacomini, Luisa; Vecchio, Claudio, Stabilization of nonholonomic uncertain systems via adaptive second order sliding mode control, 223-245 [Zbl 1144.93025]
Xu, Jian-Xin; Abidi, Khalid, Output tracking with discrete-time integral sliding mode control, 247-268 [Zbl 1144.93013]
Koshkouei, Ali J.; Burnham, Keith; Zinober, Alan, Flatness, backstepping and sliding mode controllers for nonlinear systems, 269-290 [Zbl 1144.93012]
Fridman, Leonid; Levant, Arie; Davila, Jorge, Observation and identification via high-order sliding modes, 293-319 [Zbl 1144.93007]
Saif, Mehrdad; Chen, Weitian; Wu, Qing, High order sliding mode observers and differentiators-application to fault diagnosis problem, 321-344 [Zbl 1145.93315]
Shraim, Hassan; Ouladsine, Mustapha; Fridman, Leonid, Vehicle parameter and states estimation via sliding mode observers, 345-362 [Zbl 1145.93316]
Lebastard, Vincent; Aoustin, Yannick; Plestan, Franck; Fridman, Leonid, An alternative to the measurement of five-links biped robot absolute orientation: estimation based on high order sliding mode, 363-380 [Zbl 1145.93314]
Orlov, Yuri; Aguilar, Luis T.; Acho, Leonardo; Ortiz, Adán, Robust orbital stabilization of Pendubot: algorithm synthesis, experimental verification, and application to swing up and balancing control, 383-400 [Zbl 1145.93040]
Loukianov, Alexander G.; Fridmann, Leonid; Cañedo, Jose M.; Sanchez, Edgar; Soto-Cota, Adolfo, Higher order SM block-control of nonlinear systems with unmodeled actuators: application to electric power systems and electrohydraulic servo-drives, 401-425 [Zbl 1146.93329]
Kaveh, Parisa; Shtessel, Yuri B., Blood glucose regulation via double loop higher order sliding mode control and multiple sampling rate, 427-445 [Zbl 1145.93400]
Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, Elio, Contact force regulation in wire-actuated pantographs, 447-463 [Zbl 1145.93403]

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