Topological methods in the theory of integrable systems. (English) Zbl 1142.37001

Cambridge: Cambridge Scientific Publishers (ISBN 978-1-904868-42-2/hbk). viii, 330 p. (2006).

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Indexed articles:
Bolsinov, Alexey V.; Oshemkov, Andrey A., Singularities of integrable Hamiltonian systems, 1-67 [Zbl 1329.37053]
Borisev, Alexey V.; Mamaev, Ivan S., Classification of Birkhoff-integrable generalized Toda lattices, 69-79 [Zbl 1330.37055]
Butler, Leo T., An integrable, volume-preserving flow on \(S^2\times S^3\) with positive Legesgue-measure entropy, 81-87 [Zbl 1329.37026]
Dullin, Holger R.; Ivanov, Alexey V., Rotation function near resonant bifurcations, 89-114 [Zbl 1330.37054]
Fedorov, Yuri N.; Jovanović, Božidar Žarko, Integrable nonholonomic geodesic flows on compact Lie groups, 115-152 [Zbl 1329.37058]
Korneev, Vitaly V.; Morozov, Pavel V., Calculation of Fomenko-Zieschang invariants in the integrable Sretenskiĭ case, 153-171 [Zbl 1330.37056]
Kudrayavtseva, Elena A.; Lakshtanov, Evgeny L., Classification of singularities and bifurcations of critical points of even functions, 173-214 [Zbl 1329.58028]
Matveev, Vladimir S., On projectively equivalent metrics near points of bifurcation, 215-240 [Zbl 1329.53116]
Vũ Ngọc, San, Symplectic techniques for semiclassical completely integrable systems, 241-270 [Zbl 1329.37055]
Topalov, Peter J., Commutative conservation laws for geodesic flows of metrics admitting projective symmetry. Approximation spaces, 271-287 [Zbl 1330.53113]
Nguyen Tien Zung, Torus actions and integrable systems, 289-328 [Zbl 1329.37054]


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