Artificial intelligence and symbolic computation. 8th international conference, AISC 2006, Beijing, China, September 20–22, 2006. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1149.68005

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4120. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-39728-1/pbk). xiii, 269 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1062.68002).
Indexed articles:
Cohen, Arjeh M., Interactive mathematical documents, 1 [Zbl 1156.68624]
Hironaka, Heisuke, Algebra and geometry. Interaction between “equations” and “shapes”, 2 [Zbl 1156.68629]
Li, Wei, An inductive inference system and its rationality, 3-17 [Zbl 1156.68538]
McCune, William, Semantic guidance for saturation provers, 18-24 [Zbl 1156.68570]
Mizutani, Tetsuya; Igarashi, Shigeru; Ikeda, Yasuwo; Shio, Masayuki, Labeled @-calculus: Formalism for time-concerned human factors, 25-39 [Zbl 1156.68580]
Normann, Immanuel, Enhanced theorem reuse by partial theory inclusions, 40-52 [Zbl 1156.68571]
Djelloul, Khalil; Dao, Thi-Bich-Hanh, Extension of first-order theories into trees, 53-67 [Zbl 1156.03312]
Mitsuhashi, Ichiro; Oyamaguch, Michio; Jacquemard, Florent, The confluence problem for flat TRSs, 68-81 [Zbl 1156.68433]
Li, Yong-Bin, Some properties of triangular sets and improvement upon algorithm CharSer, 82-93 [Zbl 1156.68631]
Minzlaff, Moritz; Calmet, Jacques, A new definition for passivity and its relation to coherence, 94-105 [Zbl 1156.68633]
Shemyakova, Ekaterina, A full system of invariants for third-order linear partial differential operators, 106-115 [Zbl 1156.68635]
Liang, Songxin; Jeffrey, David J., An algorithm for computing the complete root classification of a parametric polynomial, 116-130 [Zbl 1156.68632]
Yang, Lu; Xia, Bican, Quantifier elimination for quartics, 131-145 [Zbl 1156.68640]
Sun, Weikun; Li, Hongbo, On the mixed Cayley-Sylvester resultant matrix, 146-159 [Zbl 1156.68637]
Sun, Yongli; Yu, Jianping, Implicitization of rational curves, 160-169 [Zbl 1156.68638]
Feinsilver, Philip; Schott, René, Operator calculus approach to solving analytic systems, 170-180 [Zbl 1156.68626]
Hong, Hoon; Li, Liyun; Liang, Tielin; Wang, Dongming, Solving dynamic geometric constraints involving inequalities, 181-195 [Zbl 1156.68569]
Ratschan, Stefan; She, Zhikun, Constraints for continuous reachability in the verification of hybrid systems, 196-210 [Zbl 1156.68476]
Liu, Sheng; Zhang, Jian, Using Hajós’ construction to generate hard graph 3-colorability instances, 211-225 [Zbl 1156.68615]
Yan, Jun; Zhang, Jian; Xu, Zhongxing, Finding relations among linear constraints, 226-240 [Zbl 1156.68579]
Kohlhase, Michael; Sucan, Ioan, A search engine for mathematical formulae, 241-253 [Zbl 1156.68306]
Zhou, Wenqin; Carette, J.; Jeffrey, D. J.; Monagan, M. B., Hierarchical representations with signatures for large expression management, 254-268 [Zbl 1156.68641]


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68Txx Artificial intelligence
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Zbl 1062.68002
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