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Sobolev spaces in mathematics. I: Sobolev type inequalities. (English) Zbl 1152.46002
International Mathematical Series 8. New York, NY: Springer; Novosibirsk: Tamara Rozhkovskaya Publisher (ISBN 978-0-387-85647-6/hbk; 978-5-901873-24-3/hbk; 978-0-387-85648-3/ebook; 978-0-387-85791-6/set). xxix, 378 p. (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For Parts II and III, see Zbl 1149.46003 and Zbl 1152.46001.
Indexed articles:
Adams, David R., My love affair with the Sobolev inequality, 1-23 [Zbl 1167.46021]
Aalto, Daniel; Kinnunen, Juha, Maximal functions in Sobolev spaces, 25-67 [Zbl 1171.42005]
Bobkov, Sergey; Götze, Friedrich, Hardy type inequalities via Riccati and Sturm-Liouville equations, 69-86 [Zbl 1173.26319]
Cianchi, Andrea, Quantitative Sobolev and Hardy inequalities, and related symmetrization principles, 87-116 [Zbl 1179.26054]
Danielli, Donatella; Garofalo, Nicola; Phuc, Nguyen Cong, Inequalities of Hardy-Sobolev type in Carnot-Carathéodory spaces, 117-151 [Zbl 1173.26320]
Edmunds, David E.; Evans, W. Desmond, Sobolev embeddings and Hardy operators, 153-183 [Zbl 1168.46304]
Hajlasz, Piotr, Sobolev mappings between manifolds and metric spaces, 185-222 [Zbl 1163.58300]
Maz’ya, Vladimir; Shaposhnikova, Tatyana, A collection of sharp dilation invariant integral inequalities for differentiable functions, 223-247 [Zbl 1161.26302]
Pick, Luboš, Optimality of function spaces in Sobolev embeddings, 249-280 [Zbl 1166.46016]
Pinchover, Yehuda; Tintarev, Kyril, On the Hardy-Sobolev-Maz’ya inequality and its generalizations, 281-297 [Zbl 1165.26010]
Saloff-Coste, Laurent, Sobolev inequalities in familiar and unfamiliar settings, 299-343 [Zbl 1165.26011]
Shanmugalingam, Nageswari, A universality property of Sobolev spaces in metric measure spaces, 345-359 [Zbl 1168.46306]
Tintarev, Kiril, Cocompact imbeddings and structure of weakly convergent sequences, 361-376 [Zbl 1170.46312]

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