Creating high-dimensional time-bin entanglement using mode-locked lasers. (English) Zbl 1152.81834

Summary: We present a new scheme to generate high dimensional entanglement between two photonic systems. The idea is based on parametric down conversion with a sequence of pump pulses generated by a mode-locked laser. We prove experimentally the feasibility of this scheme by performing a Franson-type Bell test using a 2-way interferometer with path-length difference equal to the distance between 2 pump pulses. With this experiment, we can demonstrate entanglement for a two-photon state of at least dimension \(D=11\). Finally, we propose a feasible experiment to show a Fabry–Perot like effect for a high dimensional two-photon state.


81P68 Quantum computation
81V80 Quantum optics
81-05 Experimental work for problems pertaining to quantum theory
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