Intelligent computer mathematics. 9th international conference, AISC 2008, 15th symposium, Calculemus 2008, 7th international conference, MKM 2008, Birmingham, UK, July 28–August 1, 2008. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1154.68002

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5144. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-85109-7/pbk). xiv, 600 p. (2008).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conferences have been reviewed (for AISC 2006 see Zbl 1149.68005, for Calculemus 2007 and MKM 2007 see Zbl 1119.68011).
Indexed articles:
Pfalzgraf, Jochen, On a hybrid symbolic-connectionist approach for modeling the kinematic robot map – and benchmarks for computer algebra, 2-16 [Zbl 1166.68361]
Bharata Adji, Teguh; Baharudin, Baharum; Zamin, Norshuhani, Applying link grammar formalism in the development of English-Indonesian machine translation system, 17-23 [Zbl 1166.68363]
Carette, Jacques; Smith, Spencer; McCutchan, John; Anand, Christopher; Korobkine, Alexandre, Case studies in model manipulation for scientific computing, 24-37 [Zbl 1166.68314]
Chapman, Peter; McKinna, James; Urban, Christian, Mechanising a proof of Craig’s interpolation theorem for intuitionistic logic in nominal Isabelle, 38-52 [Zbl 1166.68340]
Davenport, James H., AISC meets natural typography, 53-60 [Zbl 1166.68333]
Distler, Andreas; Kelsey, Tom, The monoids of order eight and nine, 61-76 [Zbl 1166.68372]
Dixon, Lucas; Duncan, Ross, Extending graphical representations for compact closed categories with applications to symbolic quantum computation, 77-92 [Zbl 1166.68343]
Djelloul, Khalil, A full first-order constraint solver for decomposable theories, 93-108 [Zbl 1166.68344]
Fuhs, Carsten; Navarro-Marset, Rafael; Otto, Carsten; Giesl, Jürgen; Lucas, Salvador; Schneider-Kamp, Peter, Search techniques for rational polynomial orders, 109-124 [Zbl 1166.68354]
Hyvärinen, Antti E. J.; Junttila, Tommi; Niemelä, Ilkka, Strategies for solving SAT in grids by randomized search, 125-140 [Zbl 1166.68355]
Lobachev, Oleg; Loogen, Rita, Towards an implementation of a computer algebra system in a functional language, 141-154 [Zbl 1166.68378]
Peltier, Nicolas, Automated model building: From finite to infinite models, 155-169 [Zbl 1166.68352]
Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; Laita, Luis M.; Roanes-Macías, Eugenio, A Groebner bases based many-valued modal logic implementation in Maple, 170-183 [Zbl 1166.68359]
Soboll, Thomas, On the construction of transformation steps in the category of multiagent systems, 184-190 [Zbl 1166.68334]
Zankl, Harald; Middeldorp, Aart, Increasing interpretations, 191-205 [Zbl 1166.68381]
Backeljauw, Franky; Becuwe, Stefan; Cuyt, Annie, Validated evaluation of special mathematical functions, 206-216 [Zbl 1166.65319]
Akbarpour, Behzad; Paulson, Lawrence C., MetiTarski: An automatic prover for the elementary functions, 217-231 [Zbl 1166.68335]
Carette, Jacques; Farmer, William M., High-level theories, 232-245 [Zbl 1166.68338]
Chaieb, Amine, Parametric linear arithmetic over ordered fields in Isabelle/HOL, 246-260 [Zbl 1166.68339]
Charnley, John; Colton, Simon, A global workspace framework for combining reasoning systems, 261-265 [Zbl 1166.68341]
Davenport, James H., Effective set membership in computer algebra and beyond, 266-269 [Zbl 1166.68371]
Domínguez, César, Formalizing in Coq hidden algebras to specify symbolic computation systems, 270-284 [Zbl 1166.68373]
Freundt, Sebastian; Horn, Peter; Konovalov, Alexander; Linton, Steve; Roozemond, Dan, Symbolic computation software composability, 285-295 [Zbl 1166.68374]
Jorge, J. Santiago; Gulias, Victor M.; Castro, Laura M., Using Coq to prove properties of the cache level of a functional video-on-demand server, 296-299 [Zbl 1166.68348]
Kaliszyk, Cezary, Automating side conditions in formalized partial functions, 300-314 [Zbl 1166.68349]
Meikle, Laura I.; Fleuriot, Jacques D., Combining Isabelle and QEPCAD-B in the Prover’s Palette, 315-330 [Zbl 1166.68351]
Bouche, Thierry, Digital mathematics libraries: The good, the bad, the ugly, 331-332 [Zbl 1166.00308]
Bundy, Alan, Automating signature evolution in logical theories, 333-338 [Zbl 1166.68356]
Aspinall, David; Denney, Ewen; Lüth, Christoph, A tactic language for hiproofs, 339-354 [Zbl 1166.68336]
Berghofer, Stefan; Wenzel, Makarius, Logic-free reasoning in Isabelle/Isar, 355-369 [Zbl 1166.68337]
Collins, Joseph B., A mathematical type for physical variables, 370-381 [Zbl 1166.68365]
Stratford, Jonathan; Davenport, James H., Unit knowledge management, 382-397 [Zbl 1166.68360]
Dietrich, Dominik; Schulz, Ewaryst; Wagner, Marc, Authoring verified documents by interactive proof construction and verification in text-editors, 398-414 [Zbl 1166.68342]
Fujiyoshi, Akio; Suzuki, Masakazu; Uchida, Seiichi, Verification of mathematical formulae based on a combination of context-free grammar and tree grammar, 415-429 [Zbl 1166.68345]
Heeren, Bastiaan; Jeuring, Johan; van Leeuwen, Arthur; Gerdes, Alex, Specifying strategies for exercises, 430-445 [Zbl 1166.68366]
Heras, Jónathan; Pascual, Vico; Rubio, Julio, Mediated access to symbolic computation systems, 446-461 [Zbl 1166.68376]
Hetzl, Stefan; Leitsch, Alexander; Weller, Daniel; Woltzenlogel Paleo, Bruno, Herbrand sequent extraction, 462-477 [Zbl 1166.68347]
Howse, John; Stapleton, Gem, Visual mathematics: Diagrammatic formalization and proof, 478-493 [Zbl 1166.03316]
Kerber, Manfred, Normalization issues in mathematical representations, 494-503 [Zbl 1166.03308]
Kohlhase, Michael; Müller, Christine; Rabe, Florian, Notations for living mathematical documents, 504-519 [Zbl 1166.00304]
Libbrecht, Paul; Desmoulins, Cyrille; Mercat, Christian; Laborde, Colette; Dietrich, Michael; Hendriks, Maxim, Cross-curriculum search for Intergeo, 520-535 [Zbl 1166.68367]
Miller, Bruce R.; Youssef, Abdou, Augmenting presentation MathML for search, 536-542 [Zbl 1166.68315]
Řehůřek, Radim; Sojka, Petr, Automated classification and categorization of mathematical knowledge, 543-557 [Zbl 1166.68358]
Sloman, Aaron, Kantian philosophy of mathematics and young robots, 558-573 [Zbl 1166.68362]
Stamerjohanns, Heinrich; Kohlhase, Michael, Transforming the ar\(\chi \)iv to XML, 574-582 [Zbl 1166.68364]
Verchinine, Konstantin; Lyaletski, Alexander; Paskevich, Andrei; Anisimov, Anatoly, On correctness of mathematical texts from a logical and practical point of view, 583-598 [Zbl 1166.68353]


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