Instability of nonlinear dispersive solitary waves. (English) Zbl 1157.35096

Summary: We consider linear instability of solitary waves of several classes of dispersive long wave models. They include generalizations of KDV, BBM, regularized Boussinesq equations, with general dispersive operators and nonlinear terms. We obtain criteria for the existence of exponentially growing solutions to the linearized problem. The novelty is that we dealt with models with nonlocal dispersive terms, for which the spectra problem is out of reach by the Evans function technique. For the proof, we reduce the linearized problem to study a family of nonlocal operators, which are closely related to properties of solitary waves. A continuation argument with a moving kernel formula is used to find the instability criteria. These techniques have also been extended to study instability of periodic waves and of the full water wave problem.


35Q53 KdV equations (Korteweg-de Vries equations)
35Q35 PDEs in connection with fluid mechanics
35B35 Stability in context of PDEs
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