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Programming languages and systems. 18th European symposium on programming, ESOP 2009, held as part of the joint European conferences on theory and practice of software, ETAPS 2009, York, UK, March 22–29, 2009. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1157.68004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5502. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-00589-3/pbk). xv, 411 p. (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 1133.68003).
Indexed articles:
Wadler, Philip; Findler, Robert Bruce, Well-typed programs can’t be blamed, 1-16 [Zbl 1234.68063]
Siek, Jeremy; Garcia, Ronald; Taha, Walid, Exploring the design space of higher-order casts, 17-31 [Zbl 1234.68060]
Strickland, T. Stephen; Tobin-Hochstadt, Sam; Felleisen, Matthias, Practical variable-arity polymorphism, 32-46 [Zbl 1234.68061]
Lakin, Matthew R.; Pitts, Andrew M., Resolving inductive definitions with binders in higher-order typed functional programming, 47-61 [Zbl 1234.68057]
Jaskelioff, Mauro, Modular monad transformers, 64-79 [Zbl 1234.68056]
Plotkin, Gordon; Pretnar, Matija, Handlers of algebraic effects, 80-94 [Zbl 1234.68059]
Craciun, Florin; Chin, Wei-Ngan; He, Guanhua; Qin, Shengchao, An interval-based inference of variant parametric types, 112-127 [Zbl 1234.68053]
Cameron, Nicholas; Drossopoulou, Sophia, Existential quantification for variant ownership, 128-142 [Zbl 1234.68064]
Schäfer, Max; Ekman, Torbjörn; de Moor, Oege, Formalising and verifying reference attribute grammars in Coq, 143-159 [Zbl 1234.68265]
Barthwal, Aditi; Norrish, Michael, Verified, executable parsing, 160-174 [Zbl 1234.68359]
Yuan, Hao; Eugster, Patrick, An efficient algorithm for solving the Dyck-CFL reachability problem on trees, 175-189 [Zbl 1234.68244]
Campbell, Brian, Amortised memory analysis using the depth of data structures, 190-204 [Zbl 1234.68072]
Demange, Delphine; Sands, David, All secrets great and small, 207-221 [Zbl 1234.68074]
Kikuchi, Daisuke; Kobayashi, Naoki, Type-based automated verification of authenticity in cryptographic protocols, 222-236 [Zbl 1234.94077]
Sumii, Eijiro, A theory of non-monotone memory (or: Contexts for free), 237-251 [Zbl 1234.68062]
Filipović, Ivana; O’Hearn, Peter; Rinetzky, Noam; Yang, Hongseok, Abstraction for concurrent objects, 252-266 [Zbl 1234.68065]
Bonchi, Filippo; Montanari, Ugo, Minimization algorithm for symbolic bisimilarity, 267-284 [Zbl 1234.68288]
Caires, Luís; Vieira, Hugo Torres, Conversation types, 285-300 [Zbl 1234.68291]
Buscemi, Maria Grazia; Melgratti, Hernán, Abstract processes in orchestration languages, 301-315 [Zbl 1234.68290]
Mostrous, Dimitris; Yoshida, Nobuko; Honda, Kohei, Global principal typing in partially commutative asynchronous sessions, 316-332 [Zbl 1234.68304]
Rajan, Hridesh; Tao, Jia; Shaner, Steve; Leavens, Gary T., Tisa: a language design and modular verification technique for temporal policies in web services, 333-347 [Zbl 1234.68030]
Raza, Mohammad; Calcagno, Cristiano; Gardner, Philippa, Automatic parallelization with separation logic, 348-362 [Zbl 1234.68080]
Dodds, Mike; Feng, Xinyu; Parkinson, Matthew; Vafeiadis, Viktor, Deny-guarantee reasoning, 363-377 [Zbl 1234.68075]
Leino, K. Rustan M.; Müller, Peter, A basis for verifying multi-threaded programs, 378-393 [Zbl 1234.68078]
Sadowski, Caitlin; Freund, Stephen N.; Flanagan, Cormac, SingleTrack: a dynamic determinism checker for multithreaded programs, 394-409 [Zbl 1234.68066]

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