Karel Rychlík (1885–1968). (Czech. English summary) Zbl 1160.01323

Dějiny Matematiky / History of Mathematics 22. Prague: Prometheus (ISBN 80-7196-259-7). 286 p., open access (2003).
The monograph is devoted to the life and work of Karel Rychlík, Czech professor of mathematics at the Czech Technical University in Prague.
The monograph consists of six chapters followed by factographical and pictorial supplements and English summary. The first chapter contains an overview of the life of K. Rychlík, a survey of his scientific and pedagogical activities and his detailed biography. The description is based on the extensive study of many archival materials, primary and secondary literary sources. The next five chapters evaluate Rychlík’s scientific works and activities. Rychlík’s works are divided into five groups: 1) Algebra and Number Theory (22 works), 2) Mathematical Analysis (7 works), 3) Textbooks, Translations and Popularizing Papers (16 works), 4) Works devoted to B. Bolzano (14 works) and 5) Other Works on History of Mathematics (29 works). Each group is described separately in one chapter. The chapters bring the deep analysis of Rychlík’s publications and they show their place in the world of mathematics, especially their role in the development of valuation theory, “modern” abstract algebra, number theory, theory of probability and history of mathematics. The detailed descriptions contain not only their analysis but also many interesting historical footnotes, commentaries and very useful list of references.
At the end of the monograph several supplements are added. The factographical supplements contain the list of Rychlik’s publications that is enriched by references to reviews and reference journals, the list of Rychlik’s published reviews, a survey of his pedagogical activities at the Charles University and Czech Technical University in Prague, the list of his lectures at the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists. The supplement ends with a large collection of photographs and photocopies of many interesting documents, a survey of abbreviations and the name index. The monograph is written in Czech. The readers who do not know that language find the most important information about Rychlík’s life and scientific works in the detailed English summary (pp. 265-276).


01A70 Biographies, obituaries, personalia, bibliographies
01A60 History of mathematics in the 20th century

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Rychlík, Karel
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