Stability analysis of delay differential equation models of HIV-1 therapy for fighting a virus with another virus. (English) Zbl 1160.37437

Summary: Considering two kinds of delays accounting, respectively, for (i) a latent period between the time target cells are contacted by the virus particles and the time the virions enter the cells and (ii) a virus production period for new virions to be produced within and released from the infected cells, we develop and analyze a mathematical model for HIV-1 therapy by fighting a virus with another virus. For the different values of the basic reproduction number and the second basic reproduction number, we investigate the stability of the infection-free equilibrium, the single-infection equilibrium and the double-infection equilibrium. We conclude that increasing delays will decrease the values of the basic reproduction number and the second basic reproduction number. Our results have potential applications in HIV-1 therapy. The approach we use here is a combination of analysis of characteristic equations, Fluctuation Lemma and Lyapunov function.


37N25 Dynamical systems in biology
34K13 Periodic solutions to functional-differential equations
92D30 Epidemiology
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