Traffic and granular flow ’07. Selected papers based on the presentations at the international conference (TFG 2007), Orsay, France, June 20–22, 2007. (English) Zbl 1162.90001

Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-77073-2/hbk). xvi, 758 p. (2009).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1110.82003).
Indexed articles:
Schadschneider, Andreas, Cellular automaton approach to highway traffic: what do we know?, 19-34 [Zbl 1161.90352]
Chiabaut, Nicolas; Buisson, Christine, Replications in stochastic traffic flow models: incremental method to determine sufficient number of runs, 35-44 [Zbl 1161.90331]
Haj-Salem, Habib; Lebacque, Jean-Patrick, Risk index modeling for real-time motorway traffic crash prediction, 55-64 [Zbl 1161.91417]
Hamdar, Samer H.; Mahmassani, Hani S., Colliding particles: beyond accident-free car following models, 65-84 [Zbl 1161.90337]
Hoogendoorn, Serge P.; Van Lint, Hans; Knoop, Victor, Dynamic first-order modeling of phase-transition probabilities, 85-92 [Zbl 1161.90339]
Huang, Ding-Wei, Traffic dynamics on a rotary, 93-103 [Zbl 1161.90340]
Jiang, Rui; Hu, Mao-Bin; Jia, Bin; Wang, Ruili; Wu, Qing-Song, Effect of adaptive cruise control vehicles on phase transition in a mixture with manual vehicles, 105-115 [Zbl 1161.93339]
Kesting, Arne; Treiber, Martin, Calibration of car-following models using floating car data, 117-127 [Zbl 1161.90343]
Furtlehner, Cyril; Lasgouttes, Jean-Marc, A queueing theory approach for a multi-speed exclusion process, 129-138 [Zbl 1161.90333]
Khoshyaran, Megan M.; Lebacque, Jean-Patrick, A stochastic macroscopic traffic model devoid of diffusion, 139-150 [Zbl 1161.90366]
Leclercq, Ludovic; Laval, Jorge A., A multiclass car-following rule based on the LWR model, 151-160 [Zbl 1161.90344]
Ma, Tai-Yu; Lebacque, Jean-Patrick, A cross entropy based multi-agent approach to traffic assignment problems, 161-170 [Zbl 1161.90348]
Maury, Bertrand; Venel, Juliette, Handling of contacts in crowd motion simulations, 171-180 [Zbl 1161.90349]
Yeliu, Mo; Xue, Yu; Wei, Shi; Zhang, Liu, Optimal velocity model via considering multi-velocity difference ahead, 181-188 [Zbl 1161.90361]
Siebel, Florian; Mauser, Wolfram; Moutari, Salissou; Rascle, Michel, Modeling synchronized flow at highway bottlenecks, 201-210 [Zbl 1161.90353]
Treiber, Martin; Kesting, Arne, Modeling lane-changing decisions with MOBIL, 211-221 [Zbl 1161.90356]
Méndez, Alma R.; Velasco, Rosa M., Kinetic derivation for a traffic flow model, 223-231 [Zbl 1161.90350]
Yokoya, Yasushi; Asano, Yoichi; Uchida, Nobuyuki, Qualitative change of car-following behavior observed in real traffic, 233-243 [Zbl 1161.90362]
Yu, Xue; Wei, Yanfang; Wei, Shi, Phase transition induced by homogeneous initial distribution of cars, 245-251 [Zbl 1161.90363]
Akiyama, Rintarou; Watanabe, Hiroshi; Sugiyama, Yūki, Similarity between temporal and spatial structures in pattern formation of dissipative non-equilibrium system, 253-258 [Zbl 1161.90328]
Buslaev, Alexander P.; Tatashev, Alexander G.; Yashina, Marina V., Stability of flow on a ring with three links, 265-272 [Zbl 1161.90330]
Farhi, Nadir; Goursat, Maurice; Quadrat, Jean-Pierre, Road traffic models using Petri nets and minplus algebra, 281-286 [Zbl 1161.90332]
Ge, Hong-Xia, Traffic anticipation effect in the lattice hydrodynamic model, 293-299 [Zbl 1161.90334]
Greulich, Philip; Schadschneider, Andreas, Statistical properties of disordered driven lattice gases with open boundaries, 307-313 [Zbl 1161.82346]
Han, Xianglin; Ge, Hongxia; Jiang, Changyuan; Li, Xingli; Dai, Shiqiang, Control of traffic congestion in the modified coupled map car-following model based on intelligent transportation system, 315-320 [Zbl 1161.90338]
Hoogendoorn, Serge P.; Bovy, Piet, Generic driving behavior modeling by differential game theory, 321-331 [Zbl 1161.91325]
Huang, Ding-Wei; Huang, Wei-Neng, A model for city traffic, 333-338 [Zbl 1161.90341]
Jia, Bin; Li, Xin-Gang; Jiang, Rui; Gao, Zi-You, Traffic behaviors of mixed bicycle system in the multi-value cellular automata model, 339-350 [Zbl 1161.90342]
Li, Xingli; Li, Zhipeng; Han, Xianglin; Dai, Shiqiang, Anisotropy and stabilization of traffic flow in extended cooperative driving lattice hydrodynamic models based on backward-looking effect, 357-363 [Zbl 1161.90345]
Liebe, Christof; Mahnke, Reinhard; Kaupužs, Jevgenijs; Weber, Hans, Vehicular motion and traffic breakdown: evaluation of energy balance, 381-387 [Zbl 1161.90347]
Šurda, Anton, Statistical approach to traffic flow, 401-406 [Zbl 1161.82343]
Tomoeda, Akiyasu; Nishinari, Katsuhiro; Chowdhury, Debashish; Schadschneider, Andreas, A public conveyance model and analysis on clustering of vehicles, 407-412 [Zbl 1161.90355]
Treiber, Martin; Kesting, Arne, Modelling and simulating several time-delay mechanisms in human and automated driving, 413-419 [Zbl 1161.90357]
Van Lint, Hans; Hoogendoorn, Serge P.; Schreude, Marco, Multi-class first order traffic flow modeling, 421-426 [Zbl 1161.90358]
Weber, Hans; Mahnke, Reinhard; Liebe, Christof; Kaupužs, Jevgenijs, Dynamics and thermodynamics of traffic flow, 427-433 [Zbl 1161.90359]
Woelki, Marko; Schreckenberg, Michael, Phase transitions and even/odd effects in asymmetric exclusion models, 435-440 [Zbl 1161.90360]
Sokolov, Andrey; Aranson, Igor S.; Kessler, John O.; Goldstein, Raymond E., Large-scale collective behavior of swimming microorganisms at high concentrations, 455-470 [Zbl 1161.90354]
Garcimartín, Angel; Mankoc, Cristian; Janda, Alvaro; Arévalo, Roberto; Pastor, J. Martín; Zuriguel, Iker; Maza, Diego, Flow and jamming of granular matter through an orifice, 471-486 [Zbl 1161.76594]
Artoni, Riccardo; Santomaso, Andrea; Canu, Paolo, A fluctuating energy model for dense granular flows, 487-496 [Zbl 1161.76593]
Azéma, Emilien; Radjaï, Farhang; Peyroux, Robert; Saussine, Gilles, Influence of particle shape on shear stress in granular media, 497-505 [Zbl 1161.74327]
Rivier, Nicolas, Stability and jamming transition in hard granular materials: algebraic graph theory, 535-544 [Zbl 1161.74343]
Sugiyama, Yūki; Masuoka, Katsutoshi; Ishida, Takahiro, Dynamics of dissipative system with asymmetric interaction and \(N\)-body problem for the emergence of moving cluster, 555-563 [Zbl 1161.82350]
Voivret, Charles; Delenne, Jean-Yves; El Youssoufi, Moulay Saïd; Radjaï, Farhang, Morphology of polydisperse granular media, 587-596 [Zbl 1161.74354]
Parmeggiani, Andrea, Non-equilibrium collective transport on molecular highways, 667-677 [Zbl 1161.82349]


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