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Typed lambda calculi and applications. 9th international conference, TLCA 2009, Brasilia, Brazil, July 1–3, 2009. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1165.03001
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5608. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-02272-2/pbk). xiii, 417 p. (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1120.03002).
Indexed articles:
Abel, Andreas; Coquand, Thierry; Pagano, Miguel, A modular type-checking algorithm for type theory with singleton types and proof irrelevance, 5-19 [Zbl 1246.03025]
Aschieri, Federico; Berardi, Stefano, Interactive learning-based realizability interpretation for Heyting arithmetic with \(\mathrm{EM}_1\), 20-34 [Zbl 1201.03051]
Atkey, Robert, Syntax for free: representing syntax with binding using parametricity, 35-49 [Zbl 1246.68084]
Basaldella, Michele; Terui, Kazushige, On the meaning of logical completeness, 50-64 [Zbl 1246.03076]
Boudes, Pierre, Thick subtrees, games and experiments, 65-79 [Zbl 1246.03077]
Dal Lago, Ugo; Hofmann, Martin, Bounded linear logic, revisited, 80-94 [Zbl 1211.03089]
Faggian, Claudia; Piccolo, Mauro, Partial orders, event structures and linear strategies, 95-111 [Zbl 1246.03078]
Fujita, Ken-etsu; Schubert, Aleksy, Existential type systems with no types in terms, 112-126 [Zbl 1246.03028]
Hamana, Makoto, Initial algebra semantics for cyclic sharing structures, 127-141 [Zbl 1246.68160]
Herbelin, Hugo; Zimmermann, Stéphane, An operational account of call-by-value minimal and classical \(\lambda \)-calculus in “natural deduction” form, 142-156 [Zbl 1246.03030]
Lovas, William; Pfenning, Frank, Refinement types as proof irrelevance, 157-171 [Zbl 1202.68107]
Lumsdaine, Peter LeFanu, Weak \(\omega \)-categories from intensional type theory, 172-187 [Zbl 1200.03050]
Miquel, Alexandre, Relating classical realizability and negative translation for existential witness extraction, 188-202 [Zbl 1218.03015]
Mostrous, Dimitris; Yoshida, Nobuko, Session-based communication optimisation for higher-order mobile processes, 203-218 [Zbl 1246.68069]
Pagani, Michele, The cut-elimination theorem for differential nets with promotion, 219-233 [Zbl 1246.03079]
Petit, Barbara, A polymorphic type system for the lambda-calculus with constructors, 234-248 [Zbl 1218.03018]
Awodey, Steve; Rabe, Florian, Kripke semantics for Martin-Löf’s extensional type theory, 249-263 [Zbl 1246.03022]
Riba, Colin, On the values of reducibility candidates, 264-278 [Zbl 1246.03031]
Sarnat, Jeffrey; Schürmann, Carsten, Lexicographic path induction, 279-293 [Zbl 1246.68078]
Stenger, Florian; Voigtländer, Janis, Parametricity for Haskell with imprecise error semantics, 294-308 [Zbl 1246.68087]
Straßburger, Lutz, Some observations on the proof theory of second order propositional multiplicative linear logic, 309-324 [Zbl 1246.03080]
Tasson, Christine, Algebraic totality, towards completeness, 325-340 [Zbl 1246.03081]
Tsukada, Takeshi; Igarashi, Atsushi, A logical foundation for environment classifiers, 341-355 [Zbl 1211.68064]
Urzyczyn, Paweł, Inhabitation of low-rank intersection types, 356-370 [Zbl 1246.03034]
Vaux, Lionel, Differential linear logic and polarization, 371-385 [Zbl 1246.03082]
Wilken, Gunnar; Weiermann, Andreas, Complexity of Gödel’s T in \(\lambda \)-formulation, 386-400 [Zbl 1238.03024]
Zhang, Yu, The computational SLR: a logic for reasoning about computational indistinguishability, 401-415 [Zbl 1246.94042]

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03B40 Combinatory logic and lambda calculus
68N18 Functional programming and lambda calculus
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