Strip electric-magnetic breakdown model in a magnetoelectroelastic medium. (English) Zbl 1171.74421

From the abstract: Extending the polarization saturation model and the dielectric breakdown (DB) model in piezoelectric materials, the Strip Electric-Magnetic Breakdown (SEMB) model is proposed for electrically and magnetically impermeable crack in a magnetoelectroelastic medium to study the effect of the nonlinear character of electric field and magnetic field on fracture of magnetoelectroelastic materials. In the SEMB model, the electric field in the strip of the electric breakdown zone ahead of the crack tip is equal to the electric breakdown strength, while the magnetic filed in the strip of the magnetic breakdown zone is equal to the magnetic breakdown strength. By using the extended Stroh formalism and the extended dislocation modeling of a crack, the Griffith crack problem under the electrically and magnetically elastic-plastic condition in a magnetoelectroelastic medium is reduced to a set of dual integral equations. The sizes of the electric breakdown zone and the magnetic breakdown zone, the extended intensity factors and the local \(J\)-integral are obtained. The effect of the combined mechanical-electric-magnetic loadings on the local \(J\)-integral is studied.


74R10 Brittle fracture
74F15 Electromagnetic effects in solid mechanics
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