Tropical and idempotent mathematics. International workshop TROPICAL-07, Moscow, Russia, August 25–30, 2007. (English) Zbl 1172.00019

Contemporary Mathematics 495. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS) (ISBN 978-0-8218-4782-4/pbk). ix, 382 p. (2009).

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Indexed articles:
Akian, Marianne; Gaubert, Stéphane; Guterman, Alexander, Linear independence over tropical semirings and beyond, 1-38 [Zbl 1182.15002]
Akian, Marianne; Gaubert, Stéphane; Kolokoltsov, Vassili, The optimal assignment problem for a countable state space, 39-60 [Zbl 1179.90205]
Alessandrini, Daniele, Dequantization of real convex projective manifolds, 61-85 [Zbl 1225.57011]
Ansola, M.; de la Puente, M. J., Tropical conics for layman, 87-101 [Zbl 1198.14058]
Avantaggiati, Antonio; Loreti, Paola, Idempotent aspects of Hopf-Lax type formulas, 103-114 [Zbl 1180.37117]
Butkovič, Peter; Tam, Kin Po, On some properties of the image set of a max-linear mapping, 115-126 [Zbl 1179.15004]
Danilov, Vladimir I.; Karzanov, Alexander V.; Koshevoy, Gleb A., Tropical Plücker functions and their bases, 127-158 [Zbl 1209.05201]
Farhi, Nadir, A class of periodic minplus homogeneous dynamical systems, 159-172 [Zbl 1180.37132]
Izhakian, Zur, Basics of linear algebra over the extended tropical semiring, 173-191 [Zbl 1179.15019]
Joswig, Michael, Tropical convex hull computations, 193-212 [Zbl 1202.52004]
Kirshtein, B. Kh., Complex roots of systems of tropical equations and stability of electrical power networks, 213-238 [Zbl 1179.65053]
Maslov, Victor, Dequantization, statistical mechanics and econophysics, 239-279 [Zbl 1180.82064]
McCaffrey, D., Graph selectors and the max-plus finite element method, 281-292 [Zbl 1178.49036]
McEneaney, William M., Complexity reduction, cornices and pruning, 293-303 [Zbl 1178.49037]
Rashkovskii, Alexander, Tropical analysis of plurisubharmonic singularities, 305-315 [Zbl 1196.14057]
Sergeev, Sergeĭ, Multiorder, Kleene stars and cyclic projectors in the geometry of max cones, 317-342 [Zbl 1179.15033]
Shpiz, G. B.; Litvinov, G. L., A tropical version of the Schauder fixed point theorem, 343-350 [Zbl 1191.47074]
Wagneur, Edouard; Truffet, Laurent; Faye, Farba; Thiam, Mamadou, Tropical cones defined by max-linear inequalities, 351-366 [Zbl 1357.15017]
Walsh, Cormac, Minimum representing measures in idempotent analysis, 367-382 [Zbl 1179.53077]


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