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Optimization and logistics challenges in the enterprise. (English) Zbl 1173.90002
Springer Optimization and Its Applications 30. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 978-0-387-88616-9/hbk; 978-0-387-88617-6/ebook). xv, 431 p. (2009).

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Indexed articles:
Grossmann, Ignacio E.; Furman, Kevin C., Challenges in enterprise wide optimization for the process industries, 3-59 [Zbl 1172.90432]
Zyngier, Danielle; Kelly, Jeffrey D., Multi-product inventory logistics modeling in the process industries, 61-95 [Zbl 1172.90327]
Ierapetritou, Marianthi; Li, Zukui, Modeling and managing uncertainty in process planning and scheduling, 97-144 [Zbl 1172.90413]
Assavapokee, Tiravat; Realff, Matthew J.; Ammons, Jane C., A relative robust optimization approach for full factorial scenario design of data uncertainty and ambiguity, 145-174 [Zbl 1172.90479]
Mulvey, John M.; Erkan, Hafize G., An enterprise risk management model for supply chains, 177-189 [Zbl 1172.90325]
Miller, Tan, Notes on using optimization and DSS techniques to support supply chain and logistics operations, 191-210 [Zbl 1172.90324]
He, Xiaozheng; Chen, Anthony; Chaovalitwongse, Wanpracha Art; Liu, Henry, On the quadratic programming approach for hub location problems, 211-228 [Zbl 1172.90340]
Chen, Weiwei; Pi, Liang; Shi, Leyuan, Nested partitions and its applications to the intermodal hub location problem, 229-251 [Zbl 1172.90334]
Benli, ömer S., Event-time models for supply chain scheduling, 255-275 [Zbl 1172.90395]
Metan, Gokhan; Thiele, Aur’elie, A dynamic and data-driven approach to the news vendor problem under cyclical demand, 277-304 [Zbl 1172.90313]
Gong, Jing; Lee, Earl E.; Mitchell, John E.; Wallace, William A., Logic-based multiobjective optimization for restoration planning, 305-324 [Zbl 1172.90483]
Liang, Zhe; Chaovalitwongse, Wanpracha Art, The aircraft maintenance routing problem, 327-348 [Zbl 1172.90341]
Shen, Zhihong; Ordòñez, Fernando; Dessouky, Maged M., The stochastic vehicle routing problem for minimum unmet demand, 349-371 [Zbl 1172.90342]
Agarwal, Richa; Ergun, Özlem; Houghtalen, Lori; Ozener, Okan Orsan, Collaboration in cargo transportation, 373-409 [Zbl 1172.90351]
Arulselvan, Ashwin; Commander, Clayton W.; Hirsch, Michael J.; Pardalos, Panos M., Communication models for a cooperative network of autonomous agents, 411-431 [Zbl 1172.90347]
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90B06 Transportation, logistics and supply chain management
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