Hans Freudenthal selecta. Edited by Tonny A. Springer and Dirk van Dalen. (German, English) Zbl 1186.01026

Heritage of European Mathematics. Zürich: European Mathematical Society (EMS) (ISBN 978-3-03719-058-6/hbk). viii, 653 p. (2009).
Freudenthal had some 700 publications to his name. This is a selection of 41 of his mathematical papers, photographically reproduced with brief comments in English. A short biography introduces the volume. The first paper is his 1930 dissertation on ends in topology, a topic subsequently pursued by others and returned to by Freudenthal. Others of his most significant topics represented include: vector lattices (1936), intuitionistic approaches to topology, suspension of a space (1937), octonions (1951), and cosmic communication (lingua cosmica). There is one paper on history, namely on the Hilbertian foundations geometry (1957). A complete bibliography of mathematical works is given, but no index. There is no indication that his papers on pedagogy – a subject in which he achieved much renown – will appear in a similar edition.


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