Cancellation properties in ideal systems: A classification of e.a.b. semistar operations. (English) Zbl 1187.13003

Let \(D\) be a domain with quotient field \(K\) and let \(\star\) be a semistar operation on \(D\). Denote by \(f (D)\) (respectively, \(\overline{F} (D)\)) the set of all finitely generated fractional ideals of \(D\) (respectively, nonzero \(D\)-submodule of \(K\)). A finitely generated fractional ideal \(F\) of \(D\) is called \(\star\)-eab (respectively, \(\star\)-ab) if \((F G)^\star\subset (F H)^\star\) implies that \(G^\star\subset H^\star\), with \(G, H\in f (D)\) (respectively, with \(G, H\in\overline{F} (D)\)) and \(\star\) is called an eab (respectively, ab) semistar operation if each \(F\in f (D)\) is \(\star\)-eab. Let \(\mathfrak w\) be a family of valuation overrings of \(D\). For any \(E\in\overline{F} (D)\), the authors consider the following semistar operations on \(D\): \[ E^{w} =\bigcap \{EW \mid W \in w\}. \] Thus \(w\) is a semistar operation on \(D\). Let \(\star\) be a semistar operation on \(R\). An overring \(V\) of \(D\) is called a \(\star\)-valuation overring of \(D\) if \(F^\star\subset F V\) for all \(F\in f (D)\). The authors define also \(E ^{b(\star)} = \bigcap\{EV \}\), where \(V\) ranges over \(\star\)-valuation overrings of \(R\). Then \(b(\star)\) is also a semistar operation, which is called the complete \(w\)-operation associated with \(\star\). In this paper, the authors prove the implications \(\{\star\) is a complete \(w\)-operation\(\}\Rightarrow \{\star\) is a \(w\)-operation\(\}\Rightarrow \{\star\) is an ab operation\(\}\Rightarrow \{\star\) is an eab operation\(\}\) and the authors point out by giving examples that each of the implications is not reversible.


13A15 Ideals and multiplicative ideal theory in commutative rings
13G05 Integral domains
13F30 Valuation rings
13E99 Chain conditions, finiteness conditions in commutative ring theory
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