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An application of variational methods to Dirichlet boundary value problem with impulses. (English) Zbl 1191.34039
The authors consider the impulsive Dirichlet boundary value problem $$\aligned &-u''(t) + \lambda u(t) = f(t,u(t)) + p(t), \quad t \in [0,T], \\ &\triangle u'(t_j) = I_j(u(t_j)),\ j = 1,\dots,k, \\ &u(0) = u(T) = 0, \endaligned$$ where $0 < t_1 < \dots < t_k < T$ are impulse instants, the impulsive functions $I_j : {\Bbb R} \to {\Bbb R}$ and the right-hand side $f$ are continuous, $p \in L^2[0,T]$, $\lambda > -\pi^2/T^2$. Sufficient conditions for the existence of at least one and infinitely many weak solutions are found. The proofs are based on the critical points theory.

34B37Boundary value problems for ODE with impulses
58E05Abstract critical point theory
47J30Variational methods (nonlinear operator equations)
Full Text: DOI
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