Scientific contributions in honor of Mirian Andrés Gómez. (Contribuciones científicas en honor de Mirian Andrés Gómez.) (Spanish, English) Zbl 1192.00077

Logroño: Universidad de La Rioja, Servicio de Publicaciones (ISBN 978-84-96487-50-5/hbk). xv, 519 p. (2010).

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Indexed articles:
Lambán, L.; Martín-Mateos, F. J.; Ruiz-Reina, J. L., Simplicial topology in ACL2, 1-19 [Zbl 1209.68505]
Aransay-Azofra, Jesús; Domínguez, César, Formalizing simplicial topology in Isabelle/HOL and Coq, 21-41 [Zbl 1209.68502]
Alcázar, Juan Gerardo, Applications of level curves to some problems on algebraic surfaces, 105-121 [Zbl 1206.14086]
Ballarin, Clemens, Tutorial to locales and locale interpretation, 123-140 [Zbl 1215.68208]
Bello Hernández, Manuel; Mínguez Ceniceros, Judit, Pseudo-uniform convexity in \(H^p\), 141-156 [Zbl 1207.30077]
Benito, Pilar; Jiménez Gestal, Clara; Madariaga Merino, Sara; Pérez-Izquierdo, José M., Towards an algebraic characterization of the torsion of an affine planar connection, 157-169 [Zbl 1253.17020]
Berciano, A.; Jiménez, M. J.; Umble, R., Open questions related to \(A_\infty\)-structures in a computational framework, 171-177 [Zbl 1208.55001]
Castro-Jiménez, Francisco-Jesús, Computer algebra and algebraic analysis, 179-201 [Zbl 1213.68717]
Ciaurri, Óscar; Roncal, Luz; Torrea, José L.; Varona, Juan L., How to define the Riesz transform for Fourier-Neumann expansions?, 203-215 [Zbl 1206.42032]
Coquand, Thierry; Spiwack, Arnaud, Constructively finite?, 217-230 [Zbl 1217.03046]
Diaz Toca, Gema M.; Ben Atti, Nadia, LU equivalence and signatures of Bezoutians and Hankel matrices, 231-241 [Zbl 1208.65038]
Domínguez, César; Jaime, Arturo, A project-based experience in database design learning, 243-262 [Zbl 1206.00019]
Español, Luis, Finite chain calculus in distributive lattices and elementary Krull dimension, 273-285 [Zbl 1225.06006]
Español, Luis; Ángeles Martínez, María, Mathematical echoes in the journal Madrid Científico at the end of the 19th century, 287-306 [Zbl 1205.01012]
Extremiana Aldana, J. Ignacio; Hernández Paricio, L. Javier; Rivas Rodríguez, M. Teresa, An approach to dynamical systems using exterior spaces, 307-318 [Zbl 1211.37018]
Ezquerro, J. A.; Guitiérrez, J. M.; Hernández, M. A.; Romero, N.; Rubio, M. J., Recurrence relations in the Newton-Kantorovich method, 319-333 [Zbl 1208.65072]
Laliena, Jesús; Sacristán, Sara, Herstein’s theory and superalgebras, 345-354 [Zbl 1237.17001]
Lanchares, V.; Pascual, A. I.; San Juan, J. F., Resonances and stability for a two degrees of freedom Hamiltonian system from a geometric point of view, 355-365 [Zbl 1215.37004]
Miana, Pedrio J.; Romero, Natalia, The history of the Kepler conjecture, 367-374 [Zbl 1209.52010]
Murillo, Jesús; Arnal, Petra María; Marcos, Guillermina, Competences in mathematics and interactive environments, 375-401 [Zbl 1206.00024]
Núñez, Juan, The derivation problem in filiform Lie algebras, 403-410 [Zbl 1215.17010]
Recio, T.; Sendra, J. R.; Tabera, L. F.; Villarino, C., Manual of hypercircles, 417-437 [Zbl 1206.14084]
Roanes Macías, E.; Roanes Lozano, E., An invitation to analysing geometric problems by executing pseudodivisions, 439-449 [Zbl 1213.03022]
Romero, Ana, Spectral sequences: uses, problems and computations, 451-469 [Zbl 1208.55002]
Sáenz-de-Cabezón, Eduardo, Monomial iterated mapping cones, 471-481 [Zbl 1218.13008]
Sendra, Juana, Brief atlas of offset curves, 483-505 [Zbl 1206.14085]
Sergeraert, Francis, Triangulations of complex projective spaces, 507-519 [Zbl 1208.55003]


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03-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mathematical logic and foundations
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