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Method of passification in adaptive control, estimation, and synchronization. (English. Russian original) Zbl 1195.93117
Autom. Remote Control 67, No. 11, 1699-1731 (2006); translation from Avtom. Telemekh 2006, No. 11, 3-37 (2006).
Summary: The main results of the method of passification which are based on applying the Yakubovich-Kalman frequency theorem to the design of the feedback systems and examples of its use in the problems of adaptive control, state estimation, and synchronization are presented. Various types of the adaptive control algorithms with implicit reference model such as the algorithms of stabilization and tracking with the prescribed dynamics, algorithms with adaptive tuning of the standard control laws, and combined signal-parametric algorithm of adaptive control are described. Brief information about the shunting method in the adaptive control problem is given. The experimental results with the adaptive control on the “Helicopter” benchmark are described. Consideration is given to the problem of adaptive control of the nonlinear plants. Examples of applying the method of passification and adaptive observers to the problems of synchronization of the nonlinear oscillators and message transmission by chaotic signals are presented.

93D15 Stabilization of systems by feedback
93C40 Adaptive control/observation systems
93B40 Computational methods in systems theory (MSC2010)
93D21 Adaptive or robust stabilization
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