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Static analysis. 17th international symposium, SAS 2010, Perpignan, France, September 14–16, 2010. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1196.68004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6337. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-15768-4/pbk). xi, 473 p. (2010).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 1169.68005).
Indexed articles:
Goldberg, Benjamin, Translation validation of loop optimizations and software pipelining in the TVOC framework. In memory of Amir Pnueli, 6-21 [Zbl 1306.68015]
Heizmann, Matthias; Jones, Neil D.; Podelski, Andreas, Size-change termination and transition invariants, 22-50 [Zbl 1306.68028]
McCloskey, Bill; Reps, Thomas; Sagiv, Mooly, Statically inferring complex heap, array, and numeric invariants, 71-99 [Zbl 1306.68032]
Albert, Elvira; Arenas, Puri; Genaim, Samir; Puebla, German; Ramírez Deantes, Diana Vanessa, From object fields to local variables: a practical approach to field-sensitive analysis, 100-116 [Zbl 1306.68016]
Alias, Christophe; Darte, Alain; Feautrier, Paul; Gonnord, Laure, Multi-dimensional rankings, program termination, and complexity bounds of flowchart programs, 117-133 [Zbl 1306.68017]
Amato, Gianluca; Parton, Maurizio; Scozzari, Francesca, Deriving numerical abstract domains via principal component analysis, 134-150 [Zbl 1306.68018]
Bell, Christian J.; Appel, Andrew W.; Walker, David, Concurrent separation logic for pipelined parallelization, 151-166 [Zbl 1306.68019]
Brauer, Jörg; King, Andy, Automatic abstraction for intervals using Boolean formulae, 167-183 [Zbl 1306.68020]
Chapoutot, Alexandre, Interval slopes as a numerical abstract domain for floating-point variables, 184-200 [Zbl 1306.68001]
Cherini, Renato; Rearte, Lucas; Blanco, Javier, A shape analysis for non-linear data structures, 201-217 [Zbl 1306.68021]
Dalla Preda, Mila; Giacobazzi, Roberto; Debray, Saumya; Coogan, Kevin; Townsend, Gregg M., Modelling metamorphism by abstract interpretation, 218-235 [Zbl 1306.68023]
Dillig, Isil; Dillig, Thomas; Aiken, Alex, Small formulas for large programs: on-line constraint simplification in scalable static analysis, 236-252 [Zbl 1306.68024]
Farzan, Azadeh; Kincaid, Zachary, Compositional bitvector analysis for concurrent programs with nested locks, 253-270 [Zbl 1306.68013]
Gawlitza, Thomas Martin; Seidl, Helmut, Computing relaxed abstract semantics w.r.t. quadratic zones precisely, 271-286 [Zbl 1306.68025]
Gurfinkel, Arie; Chaki, Sagar, Boxes: a symbolic abstract domain of boxes, 287-303 [Zbl 1306.68026]
Harris, William R.; Lal, Akash; Nori, Aditya V.; Rajamani, Sriram K., Alternation for termination, 304-319 [Zbl 1306.68027]
Jensen, Simon Holm; Møller, Anders; Thiemann, Peter, Interprocedural analysis with lazy propagation, 320-339 [Zbl 1306.68030]
Hofmann, Martin; Karbyshev, Aleksandr; Seidl, Helmut, Verifying a local generic solver in Coq, 340-355 [Zbl 1306.68029]
Malkis, Alexander; Podelski, Andreas; Rybalchenko, Andrey, Thread-modular counterexample-guided abstraction refinement, 356-372 [Zbl 1306.68031]
Matringe, Nadir; Moura, Arnaldo Vieira; Rebiha, Rachid, Generating invariants for non-linear hybrid systems by linear algebraic methods, 373-389 [Zbl 1306.68101]
Katoen, Joost-Pieter; McIver, Annabelle K.; Meinicke, Larissa A.; Morgan, Carroll C., Linear-invariant generation for probabilistic programs: automated support for proof-based methods, 390-406 [Zbl 1239.68020]
Might, Matthew, Abstract interpreters for free, 407-421 [Zbl 1306.68033]
Nasre, Rupesh; Govindarajan, Ramaswamy, Points-to analysis as a system of linear equations, 422-438 [Zbl 1306.68034]
Schrijvers, Tom; Mycroft, Alan, Strictness meets data flow, 439-454 [Zbl 1306.68036]
Vechev, Martin; Yahav, Eran; Raman, Raghavan; Sarkar, Vivek, Automatic verification of determinism for structured parallel programs, 455-471 [Zbl 1306.68037]

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